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I feel  i'm pushing everyone away and I can't seem to understand why they keep trying be friends with me and all these thoughts that are in my head won't go away and I'm feeling so pessimistic all the time.   I feel all this yet I remain quiet all the time I pretend to be happy, I fake  a laugh and it's killing me inside
Country: United States

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3 Answers

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The more you pretend, the worse it gets.  You are bottling your feelings inside.  Your feelings are going to overflow all at once.  It isn't good.

You are withdrawing from people.  Why is that?  The more you withdraw, the more depressed you are going to be.  

People can't help you if you pretend and have a "fake" laugh.  You need to talk to someone about it.  Let people into your life.  Having friends around is helpful when you feel pessimistic or down.  They can give you a different perspective.
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Speak to a doctor about how you feel, be honest about any drugs you have ever taken.
If this depression has come on suddenly if may have been triggered by something or event.
I know It feels like your alone but honestly your not. it is very common to feel like you do and is no longer a issue to hide. I don't know how old you are but it may also be hormonal? time heals that growing up depression.
Talk to people about depression, do they know anyone with it? What symptoms do they get?  Open up the conversation and you may be surprised at the response.
I know you may be less than bothered about interacting with people and its cool to take time out for you but its really bad to withdraw altogether, I mean withdrawing the truth of your real self from people.
No one can act the act forever nor should they, you have people who really care, they will be well happy you spoke to them.
I'm well pleased you shared you truth with us here.
Keep sharing, its good to talk :)
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hi dear,

I think what is happening is you are expecting different type of people which does not exist in your area.
and this happens because of many reasons like social media influences. So try to behave as your nearest people and everything will be improved from day to day. !!Be Patient for the change and don't lose hope.

Best regards, your friend

from UAE.

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