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can someone help me financially please?

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asked May 3, 2017 by anonymous  
Im in financial crisis im a mother staying at  a relatives home i need my own plAce i dont feel safe with child here .im unemployment but doing odd jobs for us help please be my angel
Country: guyana

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11 Answers

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Profile Photo answered Aug 28, 2017 by Chandler (140 points)  
I am a mother of 2 (7 and 3) and am currently in a situation i can not get out of myself financially. Due to hard times i moved in with an acquaintance who i shared half the bills with. He took my half for 2 1/2 months and used it to smoke ***** (i did not know he was a user). He didnt make payments and steadily utilities are being shut off. The landlord is requesting payment to only find out he sold property and took what i did give him without using it for new owners. The house is infested with roaches and already a fixer upper and will not pass upcoming city inspection.  On top of everything else my car broke down and i pushed it to a parking lot that the owner told me it was fine only to go back next day to realize he called for tow as soon as i left. Help with car would be great but mainly need help to afford initial cost into new house. I feel so defeated and i am usually the one helping others. I just need one chance to help start over. There is nothing more scary than no stability for your children.
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answered Nov 12, 2017 by tanmoy nag  
Sir I came from a poor father had a little business which was destroy due to environmental we r in great trouble.last week my father became injured in an accident.but i can't treatment.a doctor is need for my father.but i am failed.please sir help me financially otherwise we commit to suicide
0 votes
answered Dec 8, 2017 by Matt Pelfrey  
I’m in need of help with anything for xmas im married and have 2 great daughters 8 and 13 I’ve recently been laid off and because of my families religious beliefs I cannot get any holiday support at all! My wife is going through a hardship medically and I really don’t know what else to do. I’m to late for any assistance programs and do not want to have my family wake up to nothing on Christmas. If anyone can do anything it would be much much appreciated. Thank you and happy holidays
0 votes
answered Dec 15, 2017 by anonymous  
I had to come to Europe to see my mother before she passed away and for her funeral. Could only afford one way and now stranded here and trying to get back Stateside to be with my kids for Christmas.
Was promised help from family to get back but now stranded here and feeling desperate and broke. Ex husband ran off with another woman and unwilling to help.
Please can someone help me asap. Thank you.
0 votes
answered Jan 10 by Tarun  
I need 3 lakhs rupees for my sisters marriage. I will return u in 6 month. Plz help me. Believe me its true. Plz God ur last hope for me. Plz God help me
0 votes
answered Jan 23 by anonymous  
To whom it may concern,
I am hoping this email reaches someone who can help me.  I am on the verge of losing everything in my life, due to my own poor past decisions.  I am completely embarrassed about how I have come to be in my situation and to be honest, I can’t believe I am in this predicament.  About three years ago my family talked me into going gambling with them.  It was supposed to be innocent fun.  However, I won.  So, I returned.  I won again.  The process repeated.  Then I began to lose.  Thinking I could just win back what I lost, I returned, only to lose again.  This process has spiraled out of control and I am now in dire straits.  I have lost all that I have due to my poor choices.  I have completely learned my lesson but the problem is, I have been living behind lies and deceit with fear that my wife will leave me.  I have bounced around from one loan to the next but can no longer afford to pay and I am unable to get a bank loan again.  I am honestly miserable.  I am not looking for someone to just give me money.  I am asking for someone to loan me money so I can get my life back and not feel the burden of finances.  I am looking to borrow 100k from someone and would be able to repay that amount within ten years.  If you happen to know someone who could help someone like me, I’d appreciate it.  I can’t get a loan from a bank at this point, as my credit has taken a major ding due to not being able to keep up with my load.  I am praying for a miracle here.  I just want to be able to focus on my job (teacher) and live in peace as I did prior to my disastrous choice.
0 votes
answered Mar 14 by Mubashir Yaqoo Shan  
Sir I am Mubashir youqoob from India I am belonging with my very poor family but I am well qualified I want to stand my own business but I have not money can you give me some money please help me I am waiting for your message..
0 votes
answered Mar 24 by Anonymous  
Im 8 months pregnant and have a 5yr old as well. Im about to be homeless in less than 24 hours, i have no job or vehicle, pretty soon my phone will be disconnected and i have  absolutely no money. Ive called local shelters for help but it turns out you have to wait and apply to be homeless and they are all full. I need help immediately. Is there anything i can do?
0 votes
answered Apr 2 by Nair  
I'm in financial crisis,having an autistic child,need my own place ,plzz help.Need for his treatment,living in a joint property but mentally tortured by relatives.
0 votes
answered Apr 8 by Gursharan Kaur  
I am from India and belongs to a middle class family due to some circumstances my husband lost his job and after that we sold our property for the study of our children and now we are living in depression because we have some debits of banks and people that we can not clear plz help my family.thanks.plz help
0 votes
answered Jun 14 by anonymous  
I’m a father of four married but wife (legally she can’t)is not working either am I. I need assistance in getting 4K for my rent cell phone electric water bills and 2 car payments. I have till end of week to pay rent or else. Not looking for a handout. I got laid off three weeks ago. I’m willing to pay monthly till I get tax money then I can pay rest off. We are good people but with bad luck. We don’t party drink or smoke just want to raise my kids and be with wife.

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