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Like I said, my life went nowhere. I'm 32 years old, single, no children. Only one member of the opposite sex ever showed any romantic interest in me but this person turned out to be using me to finance a drug habit which left me broke and struggling just to make ends meet. When I'm out and about it feels like everyone who crosses paths with me wants me to just go away. It's close to Christmas and my family made plans to get together on a day I have to work rather then Christmas day thus purposely excluding me from their plans. Why should I keep living with all of that. It's like I'm less then human to the rest of the world.
Country: US

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4 Answers

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Profile Photo by faith ANGEL22K+ (22.4k points)   3 7 35
No there is nothing wrong with you other than your feeling low in self esteem. we all get times like this. I am sure you are imagining that people are avoiding you, what have you done for you to think this ?
Start having more belief in your self if you dont, others wont.
We are all made different and have different rolls to play in life, you may need to find your roll then you will understand why things are different for you.
Don't try so hard at relationships, one day all will come clear to you. enjoy your own company for now, 32 is still young, look at what you have that's good in your life, smile a little more if you can. Please message me back if you wish to tell me more, I am here for you. Take care.................Angel faith
I don't think it's my imagination that my family cut me out of the Christmas plans or that I sit at home alone without even a friend to invite over when I'm not working. I also don't think it's my imagination that my bank account is depleted because I got duped into supporting someones drug habit. (She lied to me saying she needed help paying her bills.)
Profile Photo by faith ANGEL22K+ (22.4k points)   3 7 35
Hi, OK so it's not your imagination, so why do you think they are cutting you out and why do you think people are not friends with you ?
 I live on my own and don't have any friends but that's because it's the way I want my life to be.
 You have to try and be more content with your life as it is , at the moment anyway.
It sounds like you have been taken for a ride by this woman. Its sad when some one like you, a nice guy gets taken advantage of, but sadly they prey on the good people to feed them. I do feel for you, and I am here if you want to chat with me anytime, it is difficult to really know what you are going through, but I do my best. Again message me whenever you want.......Faith
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Profile Photo by goodwill ANGEL24K (33.8k points)   5 12 59
Hi You got played, and you are still hurting from it... I feel your pain. Trust me, I understand. Drug addicts will do whatever it takes to get what they want, and you just got in the way. You didn't do anything wrong. You loved her and did what you thought was right, which was help her. Live and learn and move-on. I know it's hard because you feel cheated. Think of the money you gave this person as money well spent - it served to show you how she truly was, and gratefully you learned about it BEFORE you were married or had children. I know you worked hard for it, but if it helped you to dodge a bullet it was worth it. And let it stop you from ever getting used again. Don't worry about her, she is dealing with her own demons and had you stayed with her, you both would have crashed and burned. As for your family, talk to them... Tell them you feel excluded. And if after that you get no response, well time to make some new relationships. Call up family and friends and make your own get together. You never know unless you ask- sure some people may say no, but you should not let that stop you. Worse case scenario- we can virtually spend xmas together in cyberspace ;) ... I think right now you are so hurt, everything just seems awful- you are looking at the world through your pain. You have every right to feel hurt and indignant, but don't give to those who have hurt you the satisfaction of seeing you broken! Perhaps people avoid you because they don't know how to talk to you... I doubt too that in recent days you have been very cheerful. Have you made yourself approachable? Do you smile and greet people or do you keep to yourself and your pain? You may not think you have a lot to smile about, but trust me you do. You are healthy, you have a job, a place to live, and you no longer have the added drama of a drug addict girlfriend. You are still young... At 32 you can still find someone who will love you as you deserve. You are kind and caring, and I am sure once you gain your confidence, you will have no trouble finding someone. Please don't despair. I think therapy would help - you need to talk out the hurt. Of course, you can always talk to us. We are here for you and we care. I hope I hear back from you soon.
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Profile Photo by faith ANGEL22K+ (22.4k points)   3 7 35

It seems to me that you have just let yourself go down and down until everything seems black. 32years of age is NOTHING! You still have LOADS of years ahead of you where you can make a very good life for yourself. You just have to try to cheer yourself up a bit. SMILE - people are drawn to other people who smile - even if sometimes you just don't feel like smiling. Try to surround yourself with nice things and NICE PEOPLE. Don't waste anymore time on anyone you feel is cutting you out. If that is their choice, let them keep it to themselves. You don't need anyone around you who drags you down.

We all have times when we feel lonely and a bit depressed. Personally, I always
go for a long walk
if I feel this way. I also find a bit of 'retail therapy' helps. Buy yourself something nice which you personally can take pleasure in and enjoy each time you look at it.

Take heart over Christmas and try to find friends who enjoy your company. I - for one - wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a GLORIOUS NEW YEAR ***          (answer from a friend of mine)

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Profile Photo by HOPE ANGEL24K (64.6k points)   7 11 38
"When I'm out and about it feels like everyone who crosses paths with me wants me to just go away."

I don't think this is the fact. However, just assume it is for a moment. Can you list all the reasons you think that cause them to "just go away"? Anything in your list can be changed/improved?

We are all far from perfect, but we can all improve and get better.
I don't know what causes this sort of thing with the general public, but in the case of my family, they made the Christmas plans to accomodate my brother because he is married and has a two year old son that they all wanted to see. And he couldn't make it here Christmas Day. I, on the other hand am not married and I have no children and it feels as though they considered me expendable because of that.

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