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Why I can't be blessed what did I do wrong?

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I got pregnant in July and right from then I prayed for a job and house everyday. I'm 9 months pregnant now and haven't received either or. I am to good of a person, I prayed to God and He ignored me. I have done so much for people were I meant for good and they meant for evil. What' hurts me the most is the ones who meant evil toward me have jobs houses money etc. I have nothing. I'm never blessed all I go through is struggles everyday . I'm suppose to enjoy my pregnancy but couldn't. I'm worried all the time what am I going to do. I can't even go to school for what I want to because I know I would be distracted. I have to go to school to get money so I can have something for my baby. I'm tired of living like this I pray almost beg for the things I need and I get ignored all the time its not fair that people who steal do others wrong are bless for happiness but I'm not. I cry trying to figure out whet did I do to deserve all this in going through God has deserted abandoned and left me.. I stopped praying because what is the point nothing won't change it will always remain the same. My friends have better lives then me they never go through anything. Please help me
Country: United states
asked Feb 22, 2013 by anonymous  

3 Answers

+1 vote
I know things seem to be against you at this time, but it is time to concentrate on the fact that you are soon going to be a proud mother .
Life has ways of turning things around, you must keep faith and think of being a loving mother to you child. Love is the best thing you can do for your child.
So worrying about what your going to do wont solve anything, but will make you depressed.
Don't put yourself down for what has not come your way, but be happy you are going to be a mother. If you feel you need some help, have a word with your doctor. please let me know how you get on. Angel Faith
Avatar Image answered Feb 22, 2013 by faith ANGEL18K+ (19,830 points)   2 7 30
+1 vote
Hi Friend,

You say God hasn´t blessed you but you are due to be a mother. There is no greater blessing on Earth, believe me, I am a mother also. You are about to bring a child into the world so it is normal you feel overwhelmed.

God helps those who help themselves. Begin by making a plan, take steps to achieving what you want, instead of thinking about what you dont have. You will never be happy if you are looking to others and what they have, you should be looking at yourself and realising what a blessing it is to be a mother, then take it from there.

I wish you lots of strength, and hope you are able to count your blessings xx
Avatar Image answered Feb 23, 2013 by Santana ANGEL4000+ (4,920 points)   1 3 15
0 votes
Dear friend.  thank you so much for your sharing. i can feel your frustration and i understand that it is not fair. life does not always seem to be fair. i agree with the others, it is such a blessing that you are going to have a baby. Somehow things will work out dear and you have to keep and treasure your faith. it is the best thing you have!!! God doesn't always work how we want, but He promises to help those who put their trust in Him. Me and my wife have been trying to have a baby for over 6 years... i don't understand why God didn't give us a baby, but i trust Him to know what He is doing. At least we have God!!! i couldn't live without Him anymore,...Take care dear, i hope and pray that things will work out for you! Big hug and God bless you! Jimmie
Avatar Image answered Feb 24, 2013 by vosmeer ANGEL4000+ (4,000 points)   3 8

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