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it's time to die, and i'm terrified of surviving damaged.  but i can find no help at all for a clean end.  is creating a mess for others to find and deal with really my only option?

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7 Answers

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Profile Photo by HOPE ANGEL24K (63.5k points)   6 11 38

Could you please share with us your stories? We are here to listen ...

Suicide is NOT a solution. There are real solutions to your problems. Please never give up!

I hope you can call the helpline now:

The Lifeline (US) at 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
The Hopeline (US) at 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)
Boys Town (US) at 1-800-448-3000
Samaritans (UK) at 08457 90 90 90
Mind Infoline (UK) at 0300 123 3393

Dear Annoymous May 8
I live in England, I've just read your message.
Suicide is the NOT answer. It will only lead to more death and a worse hell then you are living in right now. Jesus is the answer, he wants to help, but he will not force his will on you. If you have a bible go now to xx get on your knees and ask God to come and rescue you from thoughts of death - these are the lies of the enemy who wants you to forsake the most powerful, discovery of your life - Right Now - that Jesus has already made a way out of this mess. Suspend right now thoughts of death, take up Jesus, he died so that you could go free of this mess of darkness that is around you. Don't be proud, do not be stubborn, just believe. It doesn't matter what we think, God is real, he looks on at you now probably weeping, and hoping that you will grasp hold of him like a little child who needs a Great Big Loving Dad right now.. Repeat these words: "Jesus, come to my rescue, I need you NOW, you died for me. Forgive me of my sins, I am sorry I have ignored you, I trust you at your word, give me a new heart and a new life, I will follow you, lead me out of darkness into life. I believe in my heart that you are the Son of God and that you died on the cross taking my sins upon you. I thank you Lord, reconcile me to my Father who created me and has a plan for my life - I will NOT listen to another lie of the enemy that tells me I am hopeless  and better of dead, NO!, your Word tells me that you came that I might have life, more abundantly to the full and until it is overflowing. Show me the narrow path that leads to the abundant life of goodness, love and purpose, healing, deliverance, restoration. Show me Heaven Father, I come to you. You are the only want who can save me, not man's platitudes as I have already said, but your annointed word, your Holy Spirit power that will never fail, I give you everything Lord, for I have nothing left but you. In Jesus, mighty name save me. Thank you for the Blood that has set me FREE. [say that blood, because ***** hates the blood because it gives life;  say it again and again, thank for your Blood Lord, thank you for your blood!"

Now my friend, do not doubt, and DO Not be afraid. God is going to show up. If you get a negative thought in your mind, rebuke it. Say, no ***** in Jesus name be gone. I choose life NOT death. You are dead but I live because of Jesus. Keep saying Jesus's name, meditate on it, Get your bible and start reading, just read it out loud. You are an overcomer because Jesus has already made a way.

Now if you are brave enough, go to the internet and type in Todd Bentley South Africa, sit down and keep listening and you are going to see what is going to happen to you.  You are going to be set free today. Do not doubt only believe. I love you.
God is going to crush that lying Spirit of death. Call on Jesus until he turns up. This is the way to life.
S (England)
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Profile Photo by Jones ANGEL14K+ (15.6k points)   3 7 24
no. a million times no.

please tell me about yourself and why youre feeling like this. you've come across this website for a reason and i really want to talk to you and get to know you. share your problems with us and we really will try our best to help.

please dont feel alone or trapped because youre not. we arent doctors, or psychiatrists etc, just average people who give a **** about you.

i really do hope you email back. i'll keep checking...

...stay strong
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From Me. - I dont know how this works, but this was my question.

I'm afraid it IS the solution. All those numbers only offer platitudes, but no real answers, no real solutions.  There is such a thing as being broken beyond repair and I'm there.

I'm sure your replies are well meant, but they don't change anything, they don't make anything better.  I'm still left with no option but to leave a mess for someone else to clean up.  Suicide is selfish because there are no unselfish options - no help, no available information, just a straight jacket and being lost in a hellish system if one is foolish enough to speak openly to a so called "professional".

Stay strong for what?  Life should be more than just keeping my pulse going.
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Listen, my dear. Life is for living. Darling, i do not know you, i have never met you, but Sweetheart, I feel as if i do know you. Here is what i want you to do : Find the nearest humane society, or animal shelter, your littlle sister, brother or grandmother, mom, dad, or favorite pet. Choose whoever you like. Hold them tight. If it is an animal, feel the touch of there fur, see the trust in their eyes. I want you to say these words "World, i promise, you won't beat me. If i allow myself to die i am forfeiting the game, and i won't do that . My life does not belong to me. it belongs to(insert name of person you love most, pet, family member, God , celebrity, favorite character, or even a dream you have for the future) I will live for them.  My friend, my name is Kelly. I want you to live for me, i have something that can help you. It is called the book of mormon. the bible. God. My name is Kelly Daulton. you may add me on Facebook if you wish, i will speak to you, be here for you at any time, because, though i donot know you, i love you, we are one in Jesus.

"Tears of pain Tears of joy, one thing NOTHING CAN DESTROY. is our pride, deep inside we are one".  listen to we are one from lion king will help you, whenever you feel alone, those you love who are gone are always there for you, and so am i. i do mean that. with all my heart and soul. i once stood in your shoes. felt there was no way out, but i said "My life does not belong to me. it belongs to my dog, Tinkerbelle, and all the abused and neglected animals i will one day save. i cannot do that if i have selfishly stolen my life, from them" i want you to know that i love you.
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Please read this, because I've been there


By the way, I never got that registration email mentioned by angels registration. 


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Profile Photo by Smith (140 points)  
Dear Anonymous,  please don't turn to suicide turn to yourself and support yourself. When in difficult circumstance and not finding the creative positive answer that one searches for and yearns for there is always the one step that gives hope and positivity and that step is giving to time. As you know life, opportunity and circumstance changes and offers positive answers over time and to be aware of this offers hope and decision in life. Know you arent out of options and can abide by and hope in life with patience and direction to life aware of surprising positives that give answers and comfort in time.
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Dear to whom it concerns I prayed that you gain all you need so have faith and it will be so. Suicide is a burden on all left behind remembering this can help you to not want to commit suicide. It helped me in the past. Also it is a sin in Gods eyes to as it hurts the ones left behind therefor him to. It's also like saying his creation doesn't deserve to live. It would be better to live and hold out through the bad rather then do yourself in. Then go to hell. For at least if you live you can die naturally then go to Heaven. I might sound strict but I to was suicidal once and these things stopped me and im glad they did. As my life rocks now. That could be you to soon.
From a friend.

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