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my mom died i was in jail i have not left this town in 3 years now my little brother is in jail and i can not even help him i am no good for anyone so i just want to die i have no friends i see no one except for my dad whom i live with i know that there is no help for me i do not want to be a success story about i survived suicide i just want to go the world is done with me and i am done with it
Country: usa

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12 Answers

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Hello from south west England, you will be night time at the mo as we are in the morning here. we have family in the USA, in Washigton, Buffalo, Mesa and LA. You are a special individual, nothing may appear nice or perfect as you want it around you but you have great worth. To your Mom, your dad and your little brother. And you are special to you. Sometimes when we find ourselves in a downward spiral we have to dig deep to change a little something every hour of every day so gradully we the spiral is going up and we feel better each day each week. Just do a small thing for you. My old friend told me once that we all need a little 'me time' each day. Do something just for yourself so you can relax or smile of laugh just the one time that day. its a wonderful experience when everything else all day is dark and gloomy. Gradully the 'me times' come bigger and longer so your day can gradully be the best experience ever. Leave all the drugs and alcho well alone. Be kind to your body with what you eat and drink, you only have one body and one chance to live on this earth before we all return to our Heavenly Father where we came from. There is so much to see from leaves coming out in the spring to feeling warm when you kneel down and pour out your troubles to God in the heavens who will hear you and loves you as you are one of his sons. Take care my friend thousands of miles away, you would be welcome to have dinner with our family here and have fun with us. Start with a smile and look up to the heavens on a clear night. You are one of those wonders of creation, you are you.
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Profile Photo by Watkins (200 points)   1

I know that it seems rough, what you're going through are genuine problems and really hard issues.  You've faced so much already and I'm sorry that you're not enjoying your life.  

I could tell you that things get better bla bla bla, but I'm sure you've heard that all before!  What I will say is that you've hit rock bottom.  You've been there, it's happened.  Things couldn't get any worse........which means they can only get better.  There is only one way to get from rock bottom and that is to fight back.  Yes, bad things have happened to you, yes you've made mistakes (who hasn't!) but this is not the end.  My advice would be to set yourself goals: what do you want to do with you life?  What gifts have you been given?   I believe we're all here for a purpose and that it's never too late to start your life over.  Ignore that voice in your head that tells you: you can't do this, you've messed up too badly, there's no hope.  It's a liar.  You can still achieve everything you want to do, and be the person you want to be.

Focus on the goals you want to achieve and press towards them: the second a negative thought comes into your head replace it with a positive one.  You're still here, you're still breathing, you're still can do it!

Take things one day at a time, you probably won't feel great straight away, but gradually you'll find your life will get better.

I hope this helped you, I believe that you can recover and be the person you want to be.

TIP: Try charity work, there's no better way to make yourself feel so much better!
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I know people are telling you that everything will be alright. I know thats not enouh to hear because I felt a similar way. We need Jesus---we NEED our Creator--he LOVES us and ne never stops even if we feel as though we are not enough we are MORE THAN ENOUGH TO HIM BECAUSE WE ARE HIS. i am praying for you.
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I am not gonna tell you everything is gonna be okay because I don't know that. I have been in situations where I wanted to commit suicide as well a couple of times and tried once. But now that I look back I feel stupid for even thinking that way. Imagine what it would do to the people who love you! imagine what you would turn their lives into. You will look back at this and say " I was strong and I survived". We feel helpless in many situations during our lives and sometimes there's actually nothing we can. Your mom and brother are in jail, and these are certainly hard times for you and your family. But you want to help? in anyway? support them, go see them, try and make those miserable days they are spending in there brighter wether it's by a hug, a piece of cake, a joke or just a smile. You probably feel like you are in the worst position and want to end your life. But let's try to walk a mile in your mom's or borther's shoes. How would it feel to be stuck between 4 walls and actually be able to do nothing about it? how would it feel to see your lfe passing through and just be a witness beccause you cannot do anything. Or try putting yourself in your dad's shoes. The woman he loves/loved (don't know what their martial status is), the mother of is children is in jail; and his own flesh is suffering in jail (your brother). Wether they deserve to be in there or not is not relevant here. It still hurts.It must make him feel like a failure, like he couldn't hold a family together. Must feel awful for a man. But you. You could be his only hope right now. You can decide to work on yourself, to make them proud, all of them, to show them that despite the hard times you were strong and you fought through it and made it. That depsite being surrounded by the wrong atmoshpere and being in the wrong situation you made the best of it. Because this is what life is about. It's about making it through the storm. Nothing will make you stronger than these hard times if you make sure that they don't knock you down eternally.


Suicide is not the option. You will go away, leaving more pain, sadness and anger for the rest of your family. when it seems like you want to help.
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It's sad you feel this way about yourself and life, however i have felt the same way in my darkest hours and there have been a few. I went to see my Doctor ( i didnt disclose to him that i was suicidal, as i felt embarassed ) and i didnt want to end up in a hospital either!! my Doctor gave me antidepressants which helped a little. I also made an effort to go out to public places like the local library and shopping centres to help feel like i was involved in some kind of community. I read lot's of books (novels) which kept my days busy. I started excersing everyday , just walking through the park, i found the fresh air made me feel so much better than staying indoors all the time. eventually my life started to turn around and there were moments when i found myself smiling at the simple things in life... things i hadnt noticed before as i was so caught up in how terrible my life was!!  I left school when i was 15 now i am 38 with four children and i take care of them by myself... I am also happy to say that i went back to college and in 8 months time I will graduate as a nurse!! I turned my life around without help from anyone, except the antidepressants from my doctor. And I feel that you can do the same my friend, just take one step at a time... right a list of what you would like to do and if you don't know yet... go out into the world and find out. because you dont really know what you do want untill you experience what dont want.  Life can be a real struggle... but through pain, struggle and adversity come our greatest lessons... it makes us stonger, wiser and more compasionate to others. which truly is a good thing. I wish you all the love and strength to help you on your journey....and remember " when it storms, learn how to dance in the rain.        

Michelle Voller (Australia)
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Stop self pity, start loving yourself, nobody is useseless, I don't know why you went to jail, but try to get a sort of education who will give to you self respect and perhaps in the future will enable you to help your brother, do not expect help from anybody, the only person who can help you is yourself.

As education I mean learn a sort of apprendship and became so good at it that anyone will want use your services.I give you few examples night school, you may want to consider the profession as nurse, it is not exciting but is dignifyed, and helping people that are suffering makes you happy,or electrician, plumber,(in UK they earn as much as lawyers) engineering school of any kind, what I mean is do something self pity it doesn't help, your mum would want to see you happy, my mother died too in 2001 I was devasteted, you grow up really when your mum dies.

We come in this world to do a job, to accomplish a mission, but when we fail to do so, then it start the feeling of failure, it helped me the kabalah the 72 god's name than really are angels find you angel and ask for guidance.

God bless you
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Profile Photo by f (140 points)   3
My brother is in prison as well....and he was my only friend ....and now i have noone and I feel alone too although not totally alone bc i have 4 kids and im a single mother .... :-( i love my kids but i also miss my husband who left .... my mother is also dying and I feel just like u ...horrible especially today :-(
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I am sorry you feel so down and out about your life. I have no idea what your going through, but ending your life is not the way out. Jesus loves you and does not want you to lose your life. If you do not have a bible go to the library and read one. John 3:16 For God so loved this world he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Look to Jesus he will give you comfort. The devil wants you to harm yourself, but Don't listen to those voices. You are here for a purpose. If you will look around there is always someone who has it worse than you do. May God bless you.
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We all need you here.

God needs you here. Prayer is good for our souls. We turn to God on our own free will, He does not force us. He has made a difference in my life. Maybe try going to church. God has saved me He loves all his children (us) Tell God in prayer what you want. Yell it loud.

Tomorrow may be the best day ever.


God bless you and I prayed for you. Hang in there. Take things day by day or minnute by minute
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this will be a short answer but theres alot of truth in it.  if all else fails my freind pick up leave everything that drags you down behind and start over maybe leave the country and start fresh think of it liek this if you are going to off yoruself anyway your going to leave all that behind anyway so why not just drop it all and step away live a new life in another state or country change yoru name even if it helps, this way you offed who you were but you still have the opetion to return someday if you find that offing yourself was a mistake. and the best part is you get to live and try something completely differnet  it wont be easy nothing is in this life itll have all kinds of challenges but they will all be focused around you first and maybe thats what you need to focus on you once you find yourself youll find your better able to help others maybe even your old self sometimes the troubles of the world are too much for us to handle find yourself first then youll be better able to do the things you want not just for you but for thoses you love.
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i know exactly the way that your feeling and i admit it is horrible there is nothing worse then this emotional pain in the world and i cant say that everything will work out and everything is going to be fine, but what i can say is that if you put in the effort to make new friends and also live life to its full then you will see there is the potential to do anything, when i tried to commit suicide i overdosed and should have died but didn't that showed me the light at the end of a tunnel knowing that most times you dont get another chance, you can be so depressed everything in your life appears that it has no meaning, that you have no reason of being alive, but believe me you have every single reason of each and every indivitual, am a rapper and am only 18 so most people would say your too young to know about this type of thing but i have got involved with wrong crowds and have had people leave this world that meant so much to me and still do, and the only way i could get over that fact was to write songs, now i aint saying to write songs cause its a art and craft its a hobbie it has to be intended but what you could do is write all your thoughts down on a piece of paper no matter how heartbreaking they are least somehow its coming out your mind, its still getting out of your body and if that dont work then i think that its best go and talk to a profesional about this sort of thing, my friend when i was driving took a police chase as he was drunk and crashed infront of me, i held him in my arms until the medics arrived but sadly he never survived, he died in my arms and this was my best friend it traumatised me so best thing to really do at the moment is dont do anything you will regret live in a way that will make them proud and if there still alive try and tell them how you feel thanks for listening

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Dear to whom it concerns if you think your life here stinks and is hard. How much more in hell. As it is a sin to kill yourself due to it hurting loved ones left behind and by basically saying Gods creation meaning you isn't worth living. Also you are worth more then that. Harsh what I have said maybe. But it worked for me in the past when I to was suicidal and here I am now happy and living. I hope this can be of help to you as it were me.
From a friend.

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