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Why am I so useless, and worthless ?

+1 vote
I was just told by my so called counseler that if I dont pass one of my classes I wont get to walk with my class or graduate at all. I'm a screw-up anyway my friends don't really  care for me No one calls or txts me anymore unless they want me to do something for them so im just basically used all the time. My father ignores me more and more nowadays he thinks I'm stupid too he even told me. When I try to tell my mother my problems she gossips about it to all of her friends. My brother rarely sees me he doesnt txt or call me and when he does he wants to talk to someone else he's always busy with his friends and hhis life even when I was little he ignored by him. I wouldnt blame him who wants a stupid and useless person for a little sister anyway ? So why should I stay on this earth God hasnt answered me when I asked for guidence from him Everyone I know would get over my death its not like Im worth anything to them. My mother lost a child and she got over it rather quick so losing another wouldn't bother her.  I never had a boyfriend ever I know i'm not good enough for one anyway , I dont see myself in the future it's not like I have one now, now that I am being told I'm not going to graduate so why don't i just die I dont say any benefit for me staying here
Country: United States
asked May 18, 2012 by anonymous  

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1 Answer

0 votes
Dear, your popularity among your friends and your score at school don’t and can’t define your value! You were born to this world for a reason. Your life is precious and a great future is waiting for you to explore … Please never give up!!

Talk with the counselor and your teacher sincerely and ask for help. Tell him/her that you need lots of support and assistant to pass the classes. Tell him/her that you really care and you want to know how you can be successful and how he/she can help you achieve that.

I feel so sorry that your family didn’t provide much support you need. However, if you keep forcing yourself to believe that you are useless and worthless, others can’t help. You have to correct this false assessment of yourself. You are an intelligent individual with great potential and you are unique!

Do you have a dream? You don’t need to worry about how to get there. All you need to do now is keep trying and never give up. Have faith and believe in yourself!!
Profile Photo answered May 19, 2012 by HOPE ANGEL24K (41,880 points)   6 10 31

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