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I need help to pay my storage before I lose everything that I own

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asked Jun 3, 2013 by anonymous  
I am a single mother who had to put everything in storage due to having to move from an abusive residence. I owe 350 dollars in order to get all of my stuff from the storage company. I do have some of the money but I do not know where to turn to get help with the rest of it. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
Country: United States

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22 Answers

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answered Jun 3, 2013 by anonymous  
Its jsut stuff. even the picutes are just stuff. you can still take pistures of your kids. Its just stuff. it sounds hard at  first but  one its gone and you realize that the world is still turning and your kids still love you it will become a bit clearer. its just hard right now
commented Jan 12, 2016 by anonymous  
That's an insensitive comment. Often times, it's not just stuff. I'm an artist, and right now, inside my storage, is my artwork. Plus, there are plenty of things in my storage that I NEED as livelihood...not to mention some really important files and papers. If I lost any of that (and in the state I'm in, they wouldn't be kind enough to hand me back files with my identity), I'd be up a creek. Some things are just too important to lose over $350...
commented Jul 11, 2016 by anonymous  
If you have some of the money go and talk to them. Offer to pay what you can. I don;t know how much time you are behind but if you offer to pay some they should not refuse it and it will keep your stuff safe for a while longer.  Also if there is anything in there you could sell ask them if you can just remove the one thing. They will not let you just have the key because if you took your stuff they would hav
e no leverage for the rest of the money, but they may let you get a couple of things out.
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answered Mar 23, 2016 by michellemcclain  
Hello i need help paying for my storage.I dont want to lose my things and my kids things .I wrk to hard for my things .I lost my job my apt now trying to get back on my feet .I have section8 and trying to fine a apt for my family .I am looking looking  every day.No realtor  dont to help cause of the dont want the program  .they said the landlords dont want for hra asst.I just stared a new job but it not in time to my storage bill on bill is due on 03/25/16  please  help if u can .Thanks
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answered Jul 11, 2016 by gail  
Trying to find a way to help my granddaughter and 3 great grandchildren, ages 2, 3 and 5 months.We are the great grandparents of the 3 children in this picture,  ages 2, 3, and 5 months old.  The parents van had transmission issues, this is always very expensive as it is one of the most expensive things on a car to fix.  The problems began when they got midway from Virginia to Oklahoma. This is the only form of transportation for the needs of the family.  They had to use the money set back to get a home and pay the company for the moving pod, and moving expenses, to repair the van. They were not able to get the move done for them as the Navy waiting list was 2 months by the time they got orders, thus that left them to pay for the move up front. This includes  getting a house, paying for utility deposits and to get stuff out of the storage pod, the expenses are adding up fast and they are down to almost nothing, with 3 children depending on them. They will get reimbursed for the moving expenses, however, this takes time and they have to pay for the storage pod before the navy can reimburse, this is the way this kind of move works in the Navy. What a hardship this has all caused for them. Problem is the are out of funds, no home, and no belongings. the pod is now in Oklahoma, but that puts them no closer to paying for it or getting a house to put it in.   Back in the day we could help them with things like this, however, we are now retired and living on our social security.  This makes it impossible for us to help them.  These little ones need to have the things to set up the home and start sleeping in their beds, they do not understand what has happened to their world and it breaks my heart. Please if anyone could help. We can do this with enough people just putting in small amounts. We are trying to find other ways to raise money as well.   We are taking care of diapers and things they need, but we have very limited funds. Thank you so much for reading this story and considering a donation. Just need to get them a home so they can get started with life, they are so glad to be back home in Oklahoma, however, they are having a very hard time right now
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answered Dec 13, 2016 by Tina Broome  
I'm a single mother and I need help paying for my storage I'm about to lose everything that I have which is not much but both of my children's clothes and furniture that I need can somebody help me.
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answered Jan 23, 2017 by anonymous  
I had to move from one city to another for Domestic Violence. The moving company wants me to pay and I do not have the financial means to buy my belongings. I'm in a home with a small lamp, I sleep on the floor with few blankets. I have bipolar depression and PTSD. When I moved I was just out of the hospital and running. I've already lost so much please!
Can you help me? Will you help me?
commented Feb 24, 2017 by Kay  
Hi, I came here because I am a single mother also and living in a shelter and I pay my storage sometimes and also HRA and they didn't pay for 3months and my things went up for auction on February 21st I lost everything!!! Even  very important documents and pictures with my kid as a baby and also cds with them, jewelries etc  
It's hard because I worked hard made sacrifices and place food on my table so my kid can be well taken care of and I had bought her lots of toys books and clothes and I lost and apartments with things people stole. I would like to know my rights against HRA! I mean they are suppose to give pay the emergency cash fees to them before It came to this!!  They were the ones who made it more expensive to pay. Funny thing is I had just started working again and couldn't go back to them to remind them that they sent me right into auction status!!  I want to really fight this iam not leaving this alone and I had to pay to get to my things out another  storage because I was losing it today as well so I had to put all my pay last week and this week to save this other one!! Imagine the HRA lady I had seen had put on file that both were going into auction with the dates and they still never paid them!!
0 votes
answered Mar 11, 2017 by Ricida  
I'm in a single moms who became very homeless because I was in a abusive relationship I've moved out the house and have to put everything iPhone in storage I could not have paid one bill yet as of today I've also been in a car accident so it stops me from working just to know my job still so wait for me I just need help paying my storage bill so my whole life won't go down the drain I am asking for help immediately assistant help
0 votes
answered Jun 5, 2017 by Linda King  
I am not working right now,due to i were in an car accident things getting behind,my storage bill is behind,rent,car payment i do not know what to do
0 votes
answered Aug 17, 2017 by Jessica ortiz  
I need help with my storage i am a single mom with 3 kids and i need to pay 500 dollars for my storage so i can get my stuff and my kids stuff can u please help me
0 votes
answered Sep 26, 2017 by Halina Moreno  
I am a single mother need help paying storage. I had to move in a hurry. Due too landlord not passing inspection every year and my section 8 have to be terminated. I spoke to the mayor and they helped me get it back. And now I that I haven't found and apt. My children where staying with my sister but two weeks ago she asked my kids to leave. Now I have more problems than I began. I need help I don't want to loose me and my children's things. Please help us.
0 votes
answered Oct 14, 2017 by Rachel Massey  
We have made a change in life and moved accross the US to better my families life! We have everything in storage its about to go to auction. Trying any resources I can for help.. Please help!!!
0 votes
answered Nov 10, 2017 by Joanna  
Hi im in need of help . im affired of loosimg all my storage with my childrrns pictures and birthcirtifics and all the colths all my husband and I colths and more. He works 7 days a. Week but with us not living in a hotel and a baby on the way we are strapped. Im very scared and of need of help. Im sure i can grt sum but not all. I need help any answers i currenty owe 700.00$
0 votes
answered Jan 17, 2018 by anonymous  
i'm a single mom of three children.  I'm about to lose my storage unit  it's all I have left.  My daughters and I lost our home of 20 years due to my ex husband not paying for anything.  My storage unit is 589.00 and is going to be auctioned off on Thursday.  I have 300.00 of it.  Is there any help out there?  I'm so sad to lose my daughters personal items over 189.00.  

Please help please!!!
Stacie Chaves

thank you for reading.
0 votes
answered Apr 16, 2018 by Lamont Crews  
How can I get help with my storage before I lose it,I m not working at this time and it's very hard,I have all my stuff kids beds and I'm reaching out for some help.The struggle I'm going through is overwhelming
0 votes
answered Apr 20, 2018 by Geanna Derra  
Like you , my  husband left me with a whole house to pack by myself. I put what was  left in storage what I had not donated to charity,  or sold at a yard sale . My sister helped me move my stuff on a trailer from the storage unit and rushed it to the auction house. I received 92.00. After calculating this fee into the equation, if I had not sold the furniture toys, clothing, memories , beds, etc for 92.00,  I would owe 400.00 by now. I forgot to mention most of the stuff was damaged due to a leak in the ceiling, but when the owner passed away, his brother was given the storage facility and there was nothing I could do. My sisters, cousins and Aunt have helped me a lot throughout this whole ordeal. My sisters come to visit my mother and father once a month. When they do come, they have plenty of advice to offer. I ignore the sarcasm of "I told you so", "*****","druggy", "leach","***" and other names they call me, and take their advice to  clean the house and dust.  It does help to stay busy. Its encouraging because I am helping everyone while cleaning. My sisters don't have to waste gas and come over as much allowing them both, to focus on their jobs and their immediate family. Also it helps them avoid depression and reality since it is depressing seeing my mother with Alzheimers Disease waste away with no dignity.
0 votes
answered Jun 13, 2018 by anonymous  
My name is Andrea Gustafson
I am in the midst of a nasty marriage and items left in my storage unit are those treasures  from family that can never be replaced. These are items that my husband left when he got his own storage
I have been homeless since August, have had and lost a job due to beaning in Swedish Hospital  ICU. I am destitute and have no current income to rely on.
Don't know which way to turn for help I have two weeks.
I don't want the final nail in my marriage being that over a storage bill.
Please Help Me, Most Sincerely.
0 votes
answered Jun 19, 2018 by Sheny  
i don’t even know where to start but here I go. I’m a single mother of 2 young children who had to move to a shelter 4 hours away to get away from a drug addicted father of my children. I went from 1 city to another and left my stuff in storage, I’m now 950 dollars behind and our stuff is up for auction and I cannot afford to replace everything in there. I’m trying to start and new life away from my abuser and I’m going into depression about the state of my life. Can someone please help me it’s all that I have left for my kids and myself.
0 votes
answered Jul 25, 2018 by Ron Flagg  
Hello I've gotten behind on my storage unit and in a bad spot of loosing everything. I am really short of words how important my things mean to me. If there is any help out there I will work with you to repay my bill.
Thank You it would be very appreciated.
0 votes
answered Sep 8, 2018 by Rayvon  
I am a father of two kids I have things in my storage i need 866 to pay it off my itmes is up for sale I need helpi am working to pay other bills I need help this month I have no where to turn to. So want can I do need it right away.  Can the people sale my things like that
0 votes
answered Oct 8, 2018 by anonymous  
Well I lost my job and my home now I’m about to lose my storage with all my stuff in it I really need help getting the storage paid up but with no car to move around and get a job because most jobs are to travel to none in the city limits to catch at least public transportation. Me and my wife are not doing well as well we been separated for about three years but I keep in touch with her due to my children. We have been struggling financially she works but it to take care of my kids on what she gets. Me on the other hand I do what little I get to help her out only for my kids needs because I also need to have something for myself to live of off which at times I get very little. I really don’t care about myself as long as my kids are ok. If there is anything that I need to get help so I can just get my stuff to my kids and my stuff well I have a family member that is helping me out.
0 votes
answered Nov 11, 2018 by Tyencisa S Moody  
Yes I agree I am Ying not to lose all of my stuff that I have in storage and I need help to get on the payment plan so I can keep all of my belongings I was put out of my phase housing and have no where to go but I need to keep my stuff so when I do find housing I will be able to get my stuff so please can you help me please.

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