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i need help getting a bus ticket from arkansas to my home in ny where my family and husband are I really would love to get home... I have tried the salvation army and some churches... if you happen to know where i can get some help with the bus ticket home it would be great...
Country: USA
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1. Anima Christi

Soul of Christ, sanctify me; Body of Christ, save me; Blood of Christ, inebriate me; Water from the side of Christ, wash me; Passion of Christ, strengthen me; O good Jesus, hear me; within Thy wounds, hide me; let me never be separated from Thee; from the evil one, deliver me; at the hour of my death, call me and bid me come to Thee, that with Thy saints, I may praise Thee forever and ever. Amen.

2. Prayer Against Malefice from the Greek Ritual

God, our Lord, King of ages, All-powerful and All-mighty, You Who made everything and Who transform everything simply by Your will. You Who in Babylon changed into dew the flames of the ‘seven-times hotter’ furnace and protected and saved the three holy children. You are the doctor and the physician of our soul. You are the salvation of those who turn to You.

We beseech You to make powerless, banish, and drive out every diabolic power, presence, and machination; every evil influence, malefice, or evil eye and all evil actions aimed against Your servant [name of person/s]. Where there is envy and malice, give us an abundance of goodness, endurance, victory, and charity.

O Lord, You Who love man, we beg You to reach out Your powerful hands and Your most high and mighty arms and send the angel of peace over us, to protect us, body and soul. May he keep at bay and vanquish every evil power, every poison or malice invoked against us by corrupt and envious people.

Then, under the protection of Your authority may we sing, in gratitude, ‘The Lord is my salvation; whom should I fear? I will not fear evil because You are with me, my God, my strength, my powerful Lord, Lord of peace, Father of all ages.”

Yes, Lord our God, be merciful to us, Your image, and save your servant [name of person/s] from every threat or harm from the evil one, and protect him/her by raising him/her above all evil. We ask You this through the intercession of our Most Blessed, glorious Lady, Mary ever Virgin, Mother of God, of the most splendid archangels and all Your saints. Amen!

3. Prayer for Deliverance

My Lord, you are all powerful, you are God, you are Father. We beg you through the intercession and help of the archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel, for the deliverance of our brothers and sisters who are enslaved by the evil one. All saints of Heaven, come to our aid.

From anxiety, sadness and obsessions, we beg You. Free us, O Lord. From hatred, fornication, envy, we beg You, Free us, O Lord. From thoughts of jealousy, rage, and death, we beg You, Free us, O Lord. From every thought of suicide and abortion, we beg You, Free us, O Lord. From every form of sinful sexuality, we beg You, Free us, O Lord.

From every division in our family, and every harmful friendship, we beg You, Free us, O Lord. From every sort of spell, malefic, witchcraft, and every form of the occult, we beg You, Free us, O Lord.

Lord, You Who said, “I leave you peace, My peace I give you,” grant that, through: the intercession of the
Virgin Mary, we may' be  liberated from every evil spell and enjoy your peace always. In the name of Christ, our Lord. Amen.
I live in Virginia and I am homeless. I need to get back to my family in Arkansas. I know that by being around them I will not feel as lonely. I’ve been in Virginia for a couple of years and I think things have not been well because I don’t have their support.

 It is $207 to get on the Greyhound.
I feel if a person is homeless alone and just wants to get back home and arrived in a city and place and isn't happy they should be able to get back where their from.. one for safety two for the people they know and care about. Unfortunately no one answered your question so I have 10 dollars and it's not much.. but it's a start and hope others help you in your quest... but I know how it feels to have no one in new place or see that perhaps people don't understand or try to care enough to reply to help some way. you can call me if my car can make it il try to drive you for free if I can get enough money up.
Im currently homeless in Delmar delewaere and im TRYING to get a bus ticket to go to WASHINGTON DC but i dont have any money can you please help me?
I been stuck here in Jackson tennessee the person i was riding with gone haven't heard from him sense i been here now i can't get back to san Antonio tx back to my family
I'm close to Jackson TN.  Are you still stranded? I know of many resources here in tennessee that may be able to offer some assistance to you. Plz feel free to email me.

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My fiance and I are stranded here in Raymondville Texas and your home is in Topeka Kansas. We have been on the streets for almost a week now and just currently got in trouble for sleeping on the streets by the police. So  hope you guys can help get two bus tickets for my fiance and me
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I need help getting home to Modoc county California from Pendleton Oregon. I came up to surprise my little brother because he was going down hill and now I’m stranded trying to get back to my neices.
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I am in Athens, TN and have been sleeping on the street since Monday when I got out of the hospital for injuries I incurred during a domestic violence relationship I was able to get away from. There are not many shelters here that have space and I am just trying to get home to South bend, IN and have no money, no food, no shelter somebody please help me! God bless
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I live in Mesa Arizona me and kids and my elderly mother and we have become homeless and we need bus tickets from here back to our home town of Greenville Ms so you could help it would be greatly appreciated thanks again

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