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Hi I am 17 years old I got raped just 3 weeks ago my body feels dirty my soul feels dirty I have not eaten or sleeped or left my house in 2 weeks i was gonna slit my wirst the right way and hang my slef no one knows what I have gone through rape and left in the middle of no wear the guys that raped me got away they choked me stabed me in the arms and legs and left me to rot I kept praying to god but it was like he was ignoring me I was gonna kill my slef but this ad poped up on my pc when I was writing my good bye notes witch lead me hear pleases help
Country: Australia

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19 Answers

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Profile Photo by HOPE ANGEL24K (63.3k points)   6 11 38

Tears in my eyes when I read your story. I can feel your pain ...

Please call the police right now and report the crime! People around you will all love and support you! You are not alone!

Please do NOT give up. Those guys need to be and will be identified and brought to justice! You will receive professional help and recover ...

There is HOPE!


Please call the police at 000 or 131 444 right now.

After that, I would like you to call The Lifeline (Australia) at 13 11 14

And 1800424017 or 1800737732 (NSW Rape Crisis Centre)


We all care about you!!

And im sure god made those men for that exact purpose to rape this woman?.. it has nothing to do with god!. Report it to the police and seek help from friends!.
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The woman in the previous answer is right call and get help. My message to u is, you're a survivor. God did not ignore u Sr the signs. He kept u alive, he showed u this site, he loves u. I know how u feel no matter how much u shower u still feel dirty. Everything u see the scars u relive the moment the nightmare. U think why me? Why did God let this happen to me? God never gives u nothing u can't Handel. I have learned that he is a great God with an even greater plan. U are worth so much more then what u think right now. God loves u so much. Now about u, don't settle to please those who have hurt u. New strong, and if u can't be right now fine strength in God. Don't let this ruin ur life. I let it control line for years, I never seeked professional help I barried my pain and dealt with it. Don't make same mistake. Like I said tp me ur a survivor, don't let this run ur life. Don't end ur life for one night. What will u gain with that? Stopping the hurt? No please don't. Keep fighting for ur goals in life now u have more to fight for u have an obstacle to over come, with ur strength ull over come it I'm sure uve come this far don't quit now. Kat
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Profile Photo by Clark ANGEL500 (720 points)   2
im so sorry for you... It must be terriable for you... But im glad youre still alive, and found this site... I think that this a really good site, and i really hope that you recover.
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Profile Photo by horwood ANGEL2000+ (2.1k points)   1 10 29
please dont give up you need to speak up to someone about this and be brave as long as you are alive even if you are scarred from it you need to keep on living and even if those guys never see you again you need to be brave and show that you have been stronger than them and try to force it out of your mind keep your head held high and tell people who you can trust to help you out and not laugh at you this is a serious matter and they need to support you through this and make you feel safe so you can trust people and boys even if you know that they didnt do it you are bound to feel like they are the cause and you shouldnt feel like that stay with your friends at all times go out and have fun but make sure yo have stuff to protect you and that you are not alone and you must never feel alone in time you will feel cleaner and hopefully happier and this should make you feel like living again try to live free without any bad memories you dont need negative energy you need the positive to make you happy
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My life has been utterly horrific since January 2004, abused and degraded to **** by my family and a lot of other people, but I've kept on going.
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Its an awful thing to be abused like you were.  But you are still here.  Don't give up.  Fight back, live a happy life if you can. God is watching over you, waiting to bless you more than you can ever know.  Be strong and believe that you are loved. Give it one more day.
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Profile Photo by Jones ANGEL14K+ (15.6k points)   3 7 24
please please report this and get the help you need.

also, always know that im here for you to listen or offer advice at any stage throughout this. you really do have new friends on here who want to help wherever we can

be brave and strong and together we can get through this . one day you will smile again, i promise

please email back. im waiting to hear from you....
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Don't give up , don't let it get the better of you . Talk to someone about it no one should ever have to go through what you did but we have people who can help you !!  Your life is important and your so young your life has only just begin !!!

I know nothing anyone will say will change what happan but you need to get it out and talk to someone !!

please stay strong
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My darling. I know of your suffering. I've suffered abuse most of my life and have gone through rape. You are precious to God and if God was ignoring you, why did He let you live? This will hopefully be the worst to ever happen to you and know there is a devil in this world. Find a support group, think thoughts that tell u that ur valuable and deserve a good life. Pray and help others. Cry out to God with all of your might and praise Him for Not letting you die. Get a King James Bible and read Psalms 91, 18, 35 and 23 for prosperity. Someday you will provide much needed solace for others who are suffering. Read Proverbs for guidance and wisdom. Ask Jesus to come into your heart and set aside time everyday for prayer and fellowship with God. Try going to a non-denominational church and get involved in the choir and youth groups. God loves you and so do I. Write me at butterflyeone@***** if I can help you further. You will never be alone again if you reach out. Bless you young lady.
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i don't know if i'm too late , but i feel horrible about your situation i just found this site & already like it , because im good at giving advice with that being said , you said " you been praying to god but it feels like he's ignoring you " well maybe this is his way of answering you , everything takes time & your never suppose to loose hope , everyday your suppose to grow & be a better you. Trust me i know its hard but use what your going through & turn it into motivation , start writing a story about your life & struggles . & im sure your book will be the next big book because theres always a girl somewhere else that is going through either worse or the same thing , so hopefully i helped you . im sure your beautiful , it would be such a shame to loose another beautiful girl in this world :( stay strong , sorry for your situation .
No matter how hard it is .... never ever give up, bcuz GOD HAS A PLAN FOR UR LIFE. U MUST BELIEVE THAT, GOD GOT U ALL THE WAY.
May God Continue To B Ur Blessing .... ALWAYS PRAY EVERYDAY HE HEARS U // B BLESSED !!!
Young lady , I pray you don't do anything foolish to hurt your self any more . God does not want you to kill yourself ,, I know it must have been awful for you and I'm so sorry that things like that go on in this world.   However there is a lighter side to all this ,even though these  awful things happened , God has a way to bring you closer to him as you pray about this,' , and in time he will heal you and strengthen  you ..and in time you may be able to help others that have happened to them and save them as you saved your self. God is with you , ..And tell others that taken your own life is a mortal sin ,and there is no forgiveness .please don't ever consider that option ..NEVER....God love's you & allowed you to live as so you can deliver his word of love .. I know it's a corrupted world we live in ..but we must believe that Jesus is always with us ... it is very sad that some times you might think God is not there to protect us ..very sad ..but be thank ful your still here ,,Be brave & Pray for strength ,,and maybe you can be of help for some one else that needs guidance from your experience ,  God will guide you , and he will turn it around , and one way or another ,justice will be done ...God see's it all.and they will pay for their crime...God bless you .in Jesus name I pray for you ...Amen ..    .........Alvis......
+1 vote
I am so, so sorry that this has happened to you. I haven't suffered what you have, but things have happened to me that I have had to makie sense of, believing that there is a reason for everything. Sometimes I can't fathom what the reason is. I feel that you can help people in the future that have gone through what you have been through. I know that sounds like a cliche, a typical response, but I do honestly believe that you can. That is why you have to be strong. That doesn't mean you can't cry and grieve, infact that is what you must do if you feel it, you must go with your emotions and instincts, I believe. You can help people. Imagine the empowerment you can encourage in people that have suffered what you have? To live is to learn, and knowledge is power. You have that power. Do not let the people that have caused your sufferring get the better of you, that is what they want, that is what they wanted; control. They are pathetic and insecure and you are not. You know that. Just recover. Use some time, as long as you see fit, to recover and then tell your story and help people. Rape is a despicable, horrendous crime and I honestly wouldn't even have the courage to tell my story online like you have done here. That shows you want to talk, you want people to hear you and for the people that did this despicable act to be brought to justice. Please, like the person in the thread above said, call those numbers, any of those numbers, and talk to someone before you can gather your thoughts and, at your own pace (it must be at your own pace because feeling pressured because of moral obligation is not going to work for you), seek the justice that you do deserve. Then help those that need you. Lots of love to you, you are not alone xxxxxxxxx
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First, you are very brave not to have taken  your own life. There is a lot of help out there, which I think you should try. First, try a Rape Crisis Centre. There are many out there, good people who want to help you. They will aid you in trying to recover from this terrible ordeal. They can help you move forward by offering support. Then you may want to report it to the police, so these people won't get away with it and try to abuse someone else. The police are there to help you. Stay strong, help is out there. Love and peace
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Profile Photo by Lim (330 points)  

Number 1 do not kill your self. It will not solved any problem. I have been there in your positions. Years a go and I did not report it my parents don't even know. Of course the ****** got away. Don't do the same mistakes as I am. Go report it and find a group that can support you.

Live the rest of your life, be strong, you got the rest of your life to live and you are still able to do anything you want in your life. Your life is not over yet.

Yes it takes time to recover but it is possible. Just be strong and keep trying.

Pray to God, talk to him everytime you feel down. He does not ignored you. He knows you can get through this thats why he allows this to happen to you. He know you can gain so much more from this experience and not destroy your life. He loves you so much.



+1 vote

Don't give up  I've been raped too and assaulted and it makes you feel dirty but you aren't

You need to get your anger out, draw pictures and think about the revenge you want to do to them and just crush up pieces of clay or break up your's called art therapy

And then find a counseller, talk to your friends...connecct to people who have had this happen to them. is a great website.  You are not alone, ever. People love you and can help you with this experience because it happens to lots of people that you would never think would happen to...what happened was bad and you need to get your anger out. Get your friend to help you too.  I used to make little figures out of clay and push needles into them imagining it was them. Getting the anger out might with a friend can help you to leave your house maybe.

0 votes
Sweetheart the 1st thing is to report these people before they do it to someone else. Believe it or not you become that persons angel by doing this. The 2nd thing  is to let you know that you did not deserve this and you did nothing wrong to attract this either. 3rd thing is to talk to Mum and Dad or family and friends you trust then seek help from a professional with family support. You are in a dark place right now sweetheart but there is help. Have a small prayer darling to Heavenly father and he will send you the help you never expected. We love you honey all the way from Auckland
0 votes
Hello. Karma will get those guys, if not the police. What do you like doing? watching a movie, listening to music? cooking?Think about happiness, and do what you think will put a smile on your face, you deserve it:) What you've been through is terrible, and I want to let you know your special, and very very brave, honestly. take care
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Dear to whom it concerns it is a horrible thing what happened to you. Noone deserves that. But don't give your attackers that satisfaction. They would want you to kill yourself. There is a reason why this add popped up when it did so God could tell you he hears you he is here and those attackers will not go unpunished. It's important to know that bad does not come from God but the devil. As God is all about justice. Have faith cause I have prayed for you to gain all you need because you deserve that and more.
From a friend
+1 vote
stay strong beautiful

you need to tell the police, they will be punished.
your loved ones love you and will support you
you need to stay strong okay
take away all the negatives from your life and fill it up with the positives
it may seem that the "positives aren't  in your favor" but princess i promise they will.
don't give up, you are an amazing person
you will get through this
you've gotta keep swimming
i am here
i promise you im here.
don't give up yet, please don't give up.
there is always a rainbow after very storm.

you know what, please put on your favorite song, and just jam out to it.
sing the lyrics out
dance around your room singing it
make the little things bring happiness back into your life.
don't build a cloud of negatives.

you can email me whenever you need someone to talk. i promise ill be here. in fact tell me whats your favorite song. if not a song then a hobby. i am here.

stay strong beautiful.
0 votes
Profile Photo by alanise (250 points)   1
Dear anonymous please stay strong i know how hard it can be when this happen to you.try found maybe local groups wich are for people wich was raped thats what helped me in past and other people wich i have been talking to and maybe try get some support remember you are not alone hun.

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