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I feel so sad and so lost and I don't know what to do. There's no one I can turn to and I can't afford counselling and i am feeling like ending it all. No one cares about me. And i don't know what to do anymore its sad for me to be helpless and unsure I can't do this much longer... I need to escape and I don't know how.
Country: UK

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10 Answers

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Hey, Ive been there myself, so may times but im here to say it gets better, my life has been a train wreck the last 6 mounths problem after problem mounts i go to councilling and really it helps, councelling is free in the UK you just have to go to your GP and they will refer you, get back on track and get better i have faith in you things will get better i have faith in you, you should to you just need to hold on go to a councellor and get help dont end it you have real potential. i have faith in you.


adress for thew NHS site:

~Get better soon but come back if you get worse or need help

Your hopefully Alex :]


Profile Photo by justdavenow ANGEL18K+ (21.8k points)   4 6 16
Alex gave some great advice. I totally agree that you should get to your gp asap and get the therapy you need. The problem is that our minds just get tired sometimes and stop seeing the worked life, loves, friends and situation in the right way. Get good sleep, let a professional help you and don't look back. Onward and upward, my best to you
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Profile Photo by Fillmore (270 points)   1
I was in your shoes before in my life, when I witnessed my mother die before my eyes. I was angry with the world and mostly with God. I truly understand where you are coming from. The best way I escaped,was by remembering what she lived for and not what she died from ( cancer). There are many things that are not in our control, but we have to understand the value of what life can bring once we control the anger that is built inside of us. I believe you can make it. Today I am creating and opening a new door for you to challenge yourself with once you have entered it.

Lets try to find the most thing in your life that makes you want to live and then live for it. What I mean is there is someone in all our live that love us, even if we fail to realize. If you have to seperate yourself from anyone that makes you feel negative about yourself, than do so and then put yourself around more positive people in your life. Today you you must challenge yourself at wanting to live. The challenge of that is to focus on the one person that is loving you now, even if that only person is God. I will love to stay in your corner and I will.
I agree.  God sent his Son to save you, don't kill yourself before you know for sure that you are on your way to heaven.  Romans 3:23, For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.  Romans 6:23, For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.  John 3:16,17,18, For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him, should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved.  He that believeth on him is not condemned, but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. Nay: but unless ye repent ye shall all likewise perish,Luke 13:3.
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This  is such a sad time ,of the year.I have felt so many times ,like yourself.I even tried suicide,I was suprised to wake up the next morning,I felt ashamed and angry that ,it did'nt work, then I thought of my next attempt.

One day brings promises and the next ,it seem's worse than ,you feel worse than you did the last time.

The one thing ,that I do know ,is there may me a day,over the next year ,when all my thoughts were a complete waste of time ,when the sun is shining in your face ,or when you see a simple thing in life,that actually made you smile ,and you think of all the empty thoughts ,that you had.

I have been there so many times,but i still have hope for tomorrow,it may be a false hope,but that is all ,I have to cling onto ,i hope you find consolation ,within yourself .
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Profile Photo by Rian (180 points)   1
Take a deep breath. I have also been there my self and I am also struggling. I know how it feels when you don't have anyone to trust. But killing yourself is not a good solution. There are some people who still cares about you, but you may not know, or they might not show. Try your best to throw these feeling. Killing yourself may end your sadness but it will also end a little happiness in your life, or the happiness that is about to come in your life. You can only see a rainbow after a heavy rain. Always know that happiness will come in your life. Don't let that sadness break you. Actually, try to overthrough it. And always remember that killing might end all your pain, suffering and sadness but it will also end a little happiness you had, and you will miss the chance to enjoy the rainbow of your life. So, wait for the rainbow, don't let the heavy  rain drown you.
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Profile Photo by (320 points)  

Like the other people who have responded I have been where you are and I understand how lonely you can feel when you don't know which direction to turn. I am sure that there are poeple out there who care about you, maybe the fact they haven't shown it is a reflection on where they are and what is going on in their lives rather than them not caring about you.

It will get better, it won't be easy and it won't be overnight but if you can find a way to put your energy into something positive that you care about you will gradually start to see yourself and your life in a better light. Although you feel lost at the moment just take one step and one day at a time and the rest of your path will sort itself out more easily than you think.

For me the most difficult thing was learning to love myself again, something I still struggle with at times but you need to own your fear and your pain, acknowledge it and accept it as something that in the end will make you stronger. You may have days where you feel like you have gone backwards but eventually they will be so far apart that you will be able to see the progress you have made in between. Try to remember that you feel like you're at the bottom now so the only way is up :)

As others have said your GP can put you in contact with free services and if you ever feel like you need immediate help or someone to listen give the Samaritans a call 08457 90 90 90 saying it outloud can go a long way to helping you process your fears.

Look after yourself, eat well, sleep well and most importantly love yourself becasue there is lots there to love:) 


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Profile Photo by kahn (220 points)   1
all i can say is that pray, this is what i do, i had my fare share of problems but i never though of taking my life because i knew every problem had a solution, every lock has a key,right know you do not know which is the right key for your problem. i do not know whether you believe in GOD but i do because whenever i come to a point where i cannot find the key i pray sincerely,i communicate with him to make me strong,to protect me and give me happiness and so far my heart is strong even though people treat me like **** at work,i have been protected by bullies because they still did not get what they wanted and when i come home the sweet fragrance from my little girls hair brings me happiness so be strong my friend be brave and be happy go out and help others and believe me you will find happiness and even if you do not believe in god try and speak to him because thats one way of finding out if he is really there, you said no one cares about you well i care thats why i took my time writing this message because i cannot bear the thought of anyone taking there life so my friend dont judge people there are plenty of good people out there
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Profile Photo by positivehunny ANGEL500 (530 points)   1
Someone does care about you, you do or you would not ask for help.  Everyone of us hits a point in our lives that we stress over and can't see nothing but pain.  I think if we all could look at things differently we will see things differently.

Sound crazy?  But I find out in my life it works.  I'm sorry that things are so hard right now and taking your life is not the answer cuz it just brings pain and guilt to others.  There is a lot of wonderful things out there and I know this is not clear to you now but just try to find 3 things that is great in your life { and they are there}  and notice how ya feel after the thoughts, even if it's just for a moment there is your reason to live.  Build on that and aloud your self to feel good. It's ok to feel bad but it what ya do with that feeling that matters.

Oh and if ya haven't guessed by now I care.  Why, cuz it hurts me to think of anyone throwing a life away.  So now my dear you do have someone who cares and I bet there is more out there, just look.

Wishing you all the best in your life
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Dear to whom it concerns just have faith. Know that God is there and he cares, he dosent want you to kill yourself because in his eyes it's a sin. I know life stinks at times. But try looking at all the good in your life even in a bad situation and then you will see it's worth living. I also prayed that you gain all you need so believe and it will be so.
from a friend
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it is darkest before the dawn...

life guides us through troubled times to strengthen us.

YOU MUST believe that this is true and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is always a light my friend.

Exercise 1: Lay down and hold your attention on your heart area...your mind may wander but each time it does bring it back to the space where your heart is and watch what happens.. If you feel like crying, cry this will heal you.

Exercise 2: Non resistance practice..each time you feel the depressed emotion welling up within you allow yourself to feel it...your pain comes from resisting this feeling (not wanting to feel it) your body is naturally trying to rid yourself of this pain, and you wont let it because your minds natural instinct is to protect you....allow yourself to fully feel it and it will be released... your pain comes from your resistance ...

You are guided, you are loved. there is something beautiful happening within you.. do not fear your darkness, embrace it with all your love. and bring light to it
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Turn to the Lord Jesus to ask for forgiveness.  Accept the Lord as your Savior, if you are not a christian look for a pastor near your place ans ask for spiritual guidance. You must have faith to the Lord Jesus He is the great healer. The is power in prayers Rebuke ***** of  your evil thoughts. I am also a victim of depression up to the present and still having suicidal thoughts but coming near to the Lord Jesus help a lot to drive away *****.  The devil is our enemy, he is always looking for his prey with weak mind to devour like a roaring lion as written in the Bible. Be strong brother! God Bless. - willi from the Philippines

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