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Nobody cares about me or wants to be around me I have no purpose on this worldi want to jump off a building any suggestions or ideas for me I'm about to do something to end all of this pain and suffering I'm in please can someone say I should just do it or something
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9 Answers

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No, you shouldn't. You should live, because your wanted here.dont end the chances of you getting better. you aren't worthless, your amazing, your perfect. All you need is help to get better and its smart of you to try and get it. Live On.
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Profile Photo by Clark ANGEL500 (720 points)   2
dont do it... there is always people who are like you and feel your pain... dont be just another person to end their life sadly, live your life the best you can... things, by the sounds of it, cant get much worse, so that means that soon they will get better... I really hope you feel happier, and cheer up soon...
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Profile Photo by horwood ANGEL2000+ (2.2k points)   1 11 29
suicide is not the answer if you do that people who you didnt think cared will care those people who you never thought of will notice you are gone and miss you someone who you might not expect will have always loved you and people like that are the ones who will be afected the most they will always want you to be there they will notice your gone they will want you back and your parents and family will miss you they would want to know everything thats happened to make you feel like that and then those who might not even have spoken to you will still notice your gone and then even after all the suffering hasended the whole part of your life which you were meant to lead will have changed
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the answer is of course not kill yourself. with no information to go on not even your sex, it is very dificult to answer a question that will no doubt affect u...... but will undoubtedly affect someone else too. none of us lives on this earth without leaving behind some part of ourself. u apparently think u  r living in a different realm and have not ever caused anyone to smile, cry, laugh or have a moment of reflection when they considered something u had said. please put away these feelings of worthlessness, they are so frustrating. i have been on both sides of the suicide issue. my mother tried to kill herself something like 14 times over a 5 year period. i had actually started to hope she may be lucky and do the job right......the guilt from that could have built homes for several head doctors....but of course i never had therapy due to the lack of one basic brother has tried to my knowledge 8 times........he has ripped out my heart by telling me there is a gun in his mouth... and pulling the trigger.i myself have taken a turn or age 11 i tried hanging myself and my last attempt was 2 years since now.i finally know i am here for a reason. i do matter to someone and i am willing to bet u do too. it is pretty impossible to navigate this complicated world without some belief system. call it what u want....but u must know that we r here for a reason and u r not excluded. u have as much right to be here as anyone, u have as much right to be miserable as me. i do not know why you r so unhappy though.this i will say. suicide is final, from a young person it is usually a cry, a scream, for some help. please make a plan to go get the help; perhaps there will be some family around today, someone u could prevail upon to give you some time to talk thru some problems. if not, go to a friends house and ask one of their aunties or grandmas......if u truly r alone, and i hope not, talk to god. u can email me if u want and i will talk to u later. i have a baby that will wake up here in a minute, but i will talk to u

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Please don't kill yourself. I've felt suicidal for the last 6 years. The only thing that keeps me alive is knowing the pain I will cause other people by my death. Things will get better. Atleast thats what I tell myself anyway. You'll have another happy day.
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Profile Photo by Clark ANGEL500 (720 points)   2
I really hope that things get better for you, i think i sent you a message earlier... there are always reasons to live, they just might not be that clear right now... i really hope it gets better for you.***
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i hope you are feeling better, please dont give up there is nothing more tragic then giving up on life, sometimes life sends such heavy burdens and we feel we just cant do it alone, we all get lonely with the pressures of life, and we can all loose our sense of purpose and self at times. the world is lonely and confusing and the more we feel that the more we focus on that wich can cause more of those feelings of worthless-ness, you are not worthless!! your a miricale, the very fact you were born is a miricale! life is a miricale its rough at times, but we can you were born with so much potential, life happens and gets in the way the challenges make us or grind us down. dont give up! so many people have been at rock bottom and used this as a turning point and risen from the ashes! it may not seem like it now but you can use this as your turning point, one little choice at a time, choose to live, you will be so thankful in years to come. every decision that you make from this point is one little step towards the wonderful life you can create for yourself.   it may seem overwhelming right now but one small step and choice at a time, you will begin to feel more confident in yourself and eventualy be making strides to a better life to become the person you long to be. if i was you i you choose to live and love yourself, i would surround myself with positive people and only read and watch positive things put on music it that soothes your soul not sad songs, music has a major effect on us, choose to protect yourself as you would an inoccent child, as we are all that little lost child at times and we all need to be protected. be kind to yourself and reach out for help open up and share your fears speak to a doctor a stranger or anyone the less isolated you feel the better you will become, reach out to those who are uplifting to be around because just as there are lots of bad in this world there are equally as many good, focus on the good and more good will come your way. there must have been a glimmer of hope within in you to reach out on this site, so please use that to carry on! be safe and be strong live life and live long! sending warm heart felt wishes your way, and blessings of love for your future! ***
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listen, i wrote u before. and am worried about u. find something to hang onto......... a lovely sunrise, a small child who smiles ur way.....anything. there are small gifts scattered in our pathway all the time. take a minute to look, listen, smell. let me tell u, i tried to off myself may 1st 2 years ago. it turns out my daughter got pregnant that weekend. i should have died but did not. my granddaughter is my gift from god.i am humbled by the fact that i lived and now i get to hold her squiggly warm little self and kiss her sweet baby face.i smell her, tickle her, smell her feet....our game...i thank thegood lord for giving me such preciousness. we just do not ever know what wonderfulness is around the corner. my email is messed up, but if u need to talk.....586-201-2716
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NO of course not.

You shouldn"t feel like that. Every one has a purpose and sometimes things get hard. That how life is! You have to stay strong. At the end of the day you have to live your life for you. Who cares if other people dont want to be around you! They're to self obsorbed with themselfs to see what a great person you are. The only thing you need to do find is your purpose and once you do that your friends will find you. Trust me!

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