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Need help ASAP to get back home

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asked Dec 8, 2013 by anonymous  
Im have no job, no money & I need to get from helena MT to Seattle WA asap. I have a 5 year old son there & my grammas sick with cancer. A bus ticket is $187.00 & I have no way to get money. Can someone please help me. I need a miracle right now.
Country: United States

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18 Answers

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Profile Photo answered Dec 12, 2013 by justdavenow ANGEL18K+ (21,330 points)   4 6 15
You might check in with work force services in the area for any day jobs that might be available. Also, the United Way sometimes helps with travel expense. My best to you
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answered May 18, 2017 by francis dickson  
My disable son and i are trying to get  home to sarasota, fl from jonesbourgh tn.  i am broke and need help asap so i can get back to work in sarasota where i have a job waiting
0 votes
answered Jul 30, 2017 by kristina schneider  
My name is kristina and im homeless because of a domestic violance and i need to get from nashville tn to vermillon southdakota and i have have been very sick and can not work i need a angel i meed help can someone please help me
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answered Sep 5, 2017 by Frances Rose Clough  
I am a survivor of hurricane harvey. I am in need to get back home to Idaho. My family is there and in need of my help. I have no way to get money. The house I lived in is not habitable any more. I don't have a job and am barely surviving now. Is there any way of helping me.
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answered Oct 2, 2017 by herman isaac  
I'm trying to get back home to see my mom before she dies I have a 9 month old and a 18 year old wife that needs to go with me and I really need to get home I really want to see my mom before she dies please help me thank you
0 votes
answered Nov 27, 2017 by anonymous  
I'm a expecting mother who has 2 other children trying to get back home. I thought my family would help in the state of Florida but want to send me elsewhere except my home. I'm trying to get back in myrtle beach sc either today or tomorrow.  The bus ticket is $134.50 and that's including tax. If someone can help me and kids get to our safe haven, we gladly appreciate it. Thanks in advance and may god bless
0 votes
answered Nov 29, 2017 by Dimitrius wellmaker  
hello my name is Dimitrius and I am a 39 year old guy with three children I came to kansas city to visit come to find  out  I person  does not live here in kansas no more .I came with someone me and my brother and he left us and we have no money or food I miss my kids so much i just had a four  year old little girl  birthday 27th and  I can not see her my brother he got kids too and we need to get to them so if we can have a 160 dollar greyhound  tickets  so we can go home to be with are kids we been here since 15th of Nov hungry  and tried and need to get home bless u so much let god be with u too help me and my brother  I have a cell number but I am running  out of time so I hope and pray I can here from u guys please  please  612 462 2520
0 votes
answered Dec 5, 2017 by Terri  
My job layoff so I need to get to Detroit Mi by the end of the month where in las vegas nv can I get help with a ticket there well be come homeless by the 28th December
0 votes
answered Dec 11, 2017 by Crystal king  
I need help getting back home to North Dakota. I was left stranded in Texas August 11 by my ex boyfriend, 30 days later I finally made it to Quincy I'll to my brothers, and am unable to stay due to him living in a one bedroom , I'm not on the lease, landlord said I couldn't stay I have till this friday. I need help desperately to get back to fargo ND
0 votes
answered Dec 12, 2017 by anonymous  
I need to get back home homeless in Minneapolis Minnesota with no way back to my kids..I got stuck out here helping a family member..and got put out into cold I need help back to Seattle we're my kids are
0 votes
answered Jan 30, 2018 by Deborah spencer  
I have no job or no money to get back from Tucson az to miami fl and the bus ticket 230 dollars and my famliy us back there my sister and my mother too and my husband is back in miami i came to help frind out here and they never help get bus ticket back home again and i really get back my sister just me this morning about my mother is very very sick i neef to see her before something happens to her please help i need miracle
0 votes
answered Feb 1, 2018 by Ruth  
I have other people that need to get down to Texas I was wondering to get some gas money or a truck to get them down there please contact me at 812 946 0682. They are homeless and they New Albany Indiana and they need to get down to Texas by Friday
0 votes
answered Feb 6, 2018 by Eliaia  
My name is Alicia I have a daughter that is delisia and she is in Pennsylvania she's 20 years old a guy took her out there against her will she got away after he beat her and made her traffic herself for money but now she's at the Greyhound and just sitting there in Philadelphia sorry not Pennsylvania I talked to she's there with a security guard that is keeping her safe but I'm worried that that guy will find her I need to get her on the bus and back here to Las Vegas to where I am so she is safe please I need help I really do I don't have no money to get her here and there time out is $219 Send Me an Angel please
0 votes
answered Jun 9, 2018 by Debra  
My name is Debra
..I have 2girls with me..4an10 I'm stranded down in ILLINOIS Carbondale..I need 3bus tickets to get back home..Houston Texas..Thank you..
0 votes
answered Jun 19, 2018 by Nadean  
I am pregnant,  also i have two children under the age of 5,  me and my husband moved up to New Hampshire after we lost everthing after hurricane Irma,  the sisutation is starting not to be safe anymore and me and my family would need to return back to sarasota florda,  were we have family to keep us safe,  the bus ticket is around $800.00 and each day the saftey of our kids gets worse..All we are asking for is a miracle to get US back to a safe location!
0 votes
answered Jan 19 by Kenneth Belue  
Need help getting back home lost my job two weeks ago and trying to get home to my.Mother at lease ill have a roof over my head amd someone to help me.Im here in Florence Alabama little small town with little resource.
0 votes
answered 2 weeks ago by Aaron  
Something that might be of help to you is the Greyhound bus lines travelers aide program, they can and do help hundreds of stranded individuals with free bus tickets home, and you can find all the information for them on Greyhounds website, I sincerely hope that you get the help you need,
                       God Bless
0 votes
answered 1 day ago by Dana Shearer  
Homeless with 3 boys need to get home. I need to get to Alexandria Louisiana because my dad had past away. Im in a homeless shelter. I have no job no income. A bus ticket for all 4 of us is 458. I need a miracle. Can some one please help

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