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I just don't know wha to think or how to feel and deffiantly don't know what to do. I really love my girlfriend with all my heart and have for a very long time but she is the cause of most of my mental pain and negative thoughts. For example yesterday she made me get angry at this guy that wanted to see her and hang with her and he ask me kindly if he'd mind and she made me get angry with him and start drama and the next day, today she went out and saw him at some guys house, I just do get that. She told me on the phone last night that she isn't happy with me and her anymore and didn't like it at all and my heart literally broke and I just sat there and took it, Any other girl I would of went 'It's over' And never of talked to them again but I just can't with her. I honestly think that she is still so hurt from her and her past boyfriend who treated her badly the whole two years they were together but it was a long time ago and always will be that I am her and she is him in theory if you know what I mean? Because I'm the one trying to make her happy and never fight back and just try to be with her and she's her ex, the one who just puts me down, makes me feel terrible and wants to fight just to get mad. I look at how she speaks to everyone around her and go 'Wow I Am Actually So Jealous And I WIsh She'd Treat Me That Way' I hate it. When we first got together I'd get cute messages, always nice posstive and it would seam like she wanted to be with me and keep me. It's feels like shes just like 'He won't leave me he loves me to much so I can just talk to him whtever way i want and take all my anger out on him because he wont do anything about it' These days whenever I try to be cute or tell her I love her she literally says lol just lol, It  eats me away. I just don't understand what I'm doing wrong and how i can fix it because every fight i just lay back take it and say sorry and whatever to make it right but nothing ever changes. She doesn't take me seriously. I've never felt this low and at the same time I've never felt this good because when she does try it's the best thing in the world. Every fight she threatens to break up with me or end it and I just dont think thats how you treat someone you love it seams extremely inmature to me and just like she doesnt need me. She wont even be in a relationship with me on Facebook, for god's sake is it that hard? It would make me feel so much better and It would feel like she isnt embarrised by me and wants to hide me because that's exactly how i feel about that subject. Just the aditude and the rudeness has gotten to me, the point where i sit in the shower for the whole day and cry, that sounds so gay but i just dont know it just happens. I gave her 11 shirts and a jumper, i got nothing back. I ordered a beanie for her for christmas the one shes wanted for a while and i ask her if she is going to get me anything and she tells me no i dont have any money and i know thats ******** because she has a job and money on her card am i really not imimportant enough to get me a gift for everything I've given her. I feel like her punching bag and im tired and overwhelmed by it and dont think i can go on like it anymore, i wish she would talk to me about stuff not just drop it all on me at once and ******* make me feel like everythings my fault. It has gotten to the point where all i think about is her, cutting myself and how much of a mess up I am all the time. I care more about her and her feelings more than i will ever care about mine. She is the first person I've ever loved and I really didnt think it would go this way. I just want things to go back to normal the way they were in the start, when we acted like a actual couple, just people that loved ech other and cared so much for each other. I'm broken and have no motervation, the only reason i wake up is in hopes for her to tell me whats been going on and everything will be perfect the way ive always wanted it to be with me and her. I love her and i cant let it end. I just need to know what to do and what is wrong with her and how i can help. Please I'm begging for help, thanks.
Country: Australia

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you should never be pushed into something like that it isnt fair on you she should see that you really love her and dont want to be tret the way you are being treated and if she doesnt see that then you should find someone who is better for you you dont need that i  your life you are your own person and you need to live your life even if that means without her you would be better off that way im trying to say tell her how much you love her and need her but you dont want to be treated that way its not fair and you dont want drama and if she doesnt understand then you need to end it and try to move on there will be others out there looking for someone like you and trying to find them and you deserve better then that b***h
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Hey i've seen this was two years ago...
Is everything okay now?
I would be heart broken if this is still going on </3
Im always here if you need to talk ***
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Picture this:
YOU have a son who you love and cherish,
who you would walk to the other end of the world for right.
HE comes to you and says "mum/dad this is the truth of the relationship i'm in right now" and explains the above story with more information to you...
What would YOU say to HIM?
Did you put him on this earth to be treated like that?
I want you to picture this too:
YOU HAVE A BABY TOGETGER! that grows up surrounded by all this negative wrong behaviour, that baby will naturally believe that THIS is how it IS meant to be and copy the behaviour! Do you really want to set that child up for a fall?.
Your baby will not know what a truly loving and nurturing relationship looks or feels like.
You said " I just don't think that's how you treat someone you love" and your RIGHT
We ALL DESERVE to be respected, loved and cherished, if your getting less than all 3 then your in the wrong place and it's time to move on. Close the door so another can open.
Sometimes it's having the respect for yourself and leaving that makes the other person wake up and see how they have been behaving.
Help them to improve themselves by leaving them if you like.
Who knows what's around the corner but that's the way the path goes.
BE BRAVE, you lived fine before her you'll live fine after her.
You will have learnt lessons and shared experiences both good and bad, be thankful for them both the good and bad, it is all about, learning, growing, moving forward with good intention.
The RIGHT person for you is out there ......
I wonder will you find them or will they find you?
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I'm going through the same thing right now. Me and her have been together for 2 years yet now she resents me and doesn't wanna add me on Facebook on her other account because she doesn't want to. The Christmas thing is the same she puts EVERYONE and I mean everyone's presents before mine yet when I say I don't want anything she says good that's 1 less person. Yeah. We also very rarely have s*x only once a month. I know relationships aren't about sex but we used to do it daily and now she won't even let me doing anything. She also bullies me daily. In my opinion don't leave her and pray for the best as that is what I am doing.
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You need to love yourself and kick her ungrateful,  hateful **** to the curb!  Look I know love, especially a first seems like it's you're WHOLE WORLD and you will never recover if it ends...But you will recover, and quite possibly look back one day and wonder, "*** was I doing with that trick?!!!  Until time passes though, You have to pull up you're boots and HIT THE ROAD! Spend you're money on yourself, like go on a vacation or get an education..But be a friend to you!! Respect yourself and others will follow....and next time you are ready for a relationship, take time and make sure the person has the qualities you are looking for..good luck hon : )
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Hey man, I know I'm pretty late to this post but I'm in the same spot you're in. It's hard man I know. There are times I'm working and she'll call me at work to be mean to me. She doesn't work, but she goes to college and I've shown her nothing but support, but I guess she feels like me going to work and busting my *** at the office is like some kind of vacation (I work in a regular office setting, I don't have an exciting profession.) She always thinks I'm cheating which sucks, I have never cheated on her I don't have any female friends and actually I have no friends for that matter, I have no ties to social media and I don't go out drinking and partying. I'm pretty straight laced, but me and her have two Beautiful little girls. I can't let them grow up without their father. In all honesty I hang in there because of my girls. Sex is non-existence and money spending seems to be okay as long as she approves it. And she'll get mad over everything and she has no filter on what she says, she'll say the most hateful and hurtful things.(it really sucks) But like you my friend I just take it, and I never speak that way to her or she'll threaten to leave and taking my daughters. There's a lot more to this, and I can't really offer a solution because I'm living the same thing but, brother, maybe knowing that someone is fighting the same fight hopefully  helps.
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I can relate but I'm the person who hates my bf. Some people may call me a ***** or brat because of it but in reality I'm tired of being strung along a 7 year relationship. For the past 7 years I've been nothing but a supportive girlfriend and pretty much supported him while he was in graduate school. The entire time he couldn't even be truthful to me about being in school. ( he lied and told me he was in law school). I found out about the lie m, was mad  but I forgave him. He stole from me and huge bonus I received from work. I forgave. His relatives have said some unruly things about me and I let them know exactly how I feel about their comments and I'm the bad person. Right now I'm fed up with the relationship and I've tried to end it several times. I actually told him I hate him. He said he was so hurt by that but to be completely honest I don't care. A lot of times a person go out there way and they can have enough of a person . That we're hate and the person begins resenting the person. I resent him  a lot and I know it's time to move on.

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