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Stranded and desperately need to get home

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asked Jun 26, 2014 by anonymous  
I am stuck in Arkansas and need to get home to Oregon asap, I have no money,dont drive,situation is getting worse by the day,and have noone to help me. I have put up ads here and there for help in the way of ride share and such with no luck so far,my question is, is there anyone out there that can help me to get home to Oregon?
Country: USA

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57 Answers

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Profile Photo answered Sep 21, 2014 by Hedges ANGEL4000+ (4,130 points)   3 8
Dear to whom it may concern faith and prayer is your answer in this sticky situation. Also selling items that you have can be useful. If busking an option meaning you have a licence that could gain some cash to.
From a friend who cares for you.....
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answered Dec 30, 2014 by Nathan  
My name is Nathan I'm 29. What seems forever ago I had made the choice to run away from every one an everything I knew, I was 17 then. I have been vagrant all this time . I located my mom in Montana, it's my only hope, to reunite home I'm not doing well in Oklahoma . Please I just need.
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answered Jan 18, 2016 by Derrick Gully  
I'm currently stranded in Ohio due to trucking school was unable to accept my California
license.  The recruiter did not inform me of this issue until I arrived in Ohio from Indiana.
Need Help Stranded in Ohio
commented Jan 10, 2018 by anonymous  
My name is Frank im stuck in Turkey doing business. I had to have surgery while my stay i had to give my last to hospital after a couple of days healing i gave my last  to the hospital because they wouldn't let me go until i paid that bill. Please i need your help to go home
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answered May 22, 2016 by Vernon Williams  
I'm stuck in Chicago stranded I really need to get home to Detroit I don't have any money and I'm living in a shelter right now I've been down here for like three days really crying right now
0 votes
answered May 25, 2016 by Robert Thomas  
I am stranded in Temple, GA. I got a ride with a truck driver who tried to take advantage of me in a bad way so I got away from him I'm trying to get home to New Mexico but have no money or any means of getting there. Can someone please help me?
0 votes
answered May 28, 2016 by anonymous  
Hey I'm stranded in Florida and i moved here last week from NC under the impression that I had some where to go here I have a one month old baby with me and by the day the situation gets worse and I just need some help getting back to Charlotte nc if you can help please do
0 votes
answered Jun 14, 2016 by Robert  
Good day
I am currently stranded in Edmonton I'm from Ontario I came here on the bus with the promise of employment and accommodation and when I got off the bus I realized that nobody was there to pick me up after about 5hrs of sitting at the bus station and not being able to get ahold of anyone I found the cheapest hotel I could find and now I'm out of money and am on the street with my luggage I need to get home to my family I've already been here to long if anyone can find it in your heart to help me get home I would defiantly repay whatever the cost is thank you for taking the time to read this and god bless

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answered Jun 23, 2016 by anonymous  
My boyfriend moved me away from Chicago to Florida and I have been in a relationship for 1 1/2 and has been constantly abused, he would throw me out with nowhere to go I have been sleepin with all my belongings in my car in a hospital parking lot, I have not showered and haven't had an appetite because I am too sad and feel like this is it for me, I went to a shelter and was attacked so that is no option, I tried everything to get money and a way home but the only solution is a penske truck to trail my car along and I do not have gas money nor the money to pay I am clueless and I really want to go back home before he finds me, so please can anyone help
Profile Photo commented Jun 24, 2016 by HOPE ANGEL24K (62,950 points)   6 11 37
Which shelter you have been to? Who attacked you? Have you reported the incident to the people there? Could you find another shelter?

Since you said you are clueless right now, it is safer to stay in a women shelter first. Having some good and proper rest, then talk with the volunteers there. You will find out that there are better solutions.

One step at a time. Here is the list of Florida Women's Shelters:

Please also call the Florida Abuse Hotline 1-800-962-2873
Florida Relay 711 or TTY 800-453-5145

If you are in immediate danger, please call 911

You are not alone!

0 votes
answered Jun 24, 2016 by Precious Richardson  
Hi, I am a single mother of seven and we are stranded in KCMO and need help to get back home. Please let me know if there is any assistance with getting back home. My number is 901-406-4188 we live in Layton Utah.
0 votes
answered Sep 5, 2016 by Marcus J. Castrejon  
Hi my name is Marcus. I am in Nevada Missouri and really need a ride back to Madera California. I'm a 20 young adult who need to get back to his daughter and family. I have no money no food and only 2 pairs of clorhes. I am in desperate need of help right now. Can someone find it in there hearts to help me out and bring me home
0 votes
answered Oct 22, 2016 by albert gordon  
I'm stranded in Greenwood Mississippi I need some help getting back home I don't have any money no family please help  I've been sleeping all day I live in Detroit Michigan I have no way of getting there I got left out here by a few friends and they can come back I just really need some help from someone this is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do so I'm begging anyone please help me get home I'll do anything
0 votes
answered Nov 22, 2016 by Nakhia Denise White  
My name is Nakhia White. I am currently stranded in. Downtown Los Angeles (Skidrow)  living in a makeshift tent. I am trying to get back to Charlotte NC. I need help getting a bus ticket,all I have is my food vouchers at the moment.  A ticket in advance is approx.$230. And can reimburse for the price of the ticket I have two sons I desperately wish to get too. I am homeless and cold. Please help me. My contact email is sagaspage@*****.com.
0 votes
answered Dec 1, 2016 by anonymous  
Me and my 4 children are stranded up here in new Mexico and need  help getting back home to florida i have no money or transportation my transportation got repoed when i couldn't find a childrensf ather is also with us.if anyonebcan help us please let me no.  Thank you
0 votes
answered Dec 15, 2016 by Amber Yazzie  
Im stranded Here in Albuquerque and I need to get home back in Gallup ASAP can someone please help me??? I really really need help to get there its a family emergency
0 votes
answered Dec 25, 2016 by Donald Williams  
Hi my name is Donald and I am stranded in Stockton California I'm in bad situation and desperately need to get home to Omaha Nebraska I just had a heart attack three weeks ago and I don't have any family out here I have a 10 year old son I want to get home to can anyone help me my number  is 9167381193
0 votes
answered Jan 5, 2017 by Marcus Brown  
I am stuck in Sacramento California and need to get home to Houston Texas asap, I have no money,dont drive,situation is getting worse by the day,and have no one to help me. I have put up ads here and there for help in the way of ride share and such with no luck so far,my question is, is there anyone out there that can help me to get home to Texas?
asked Apr 24, 2018 by Dana   I am stranded in texas is there help
0 votes
answered Jan 10, 2017 by Pamela  
I'm stuck in Dallas Texas with my son and no money to buy a one way ticket for us to get back to NYC can someone please help us .. we need to get home my son has missed to many days of school...Can someone help us please ..I know God works I'm mysterious ways ...
0 votes
answered Jan 13, 2017 by Rivera  
Hi my friend is stuck in Newark NJ and needs to get back home to Camden? She has no phone and called me from a motel phone how can I get her home
0 votes
answered Jan 21, 2017 by Dennis  
Hi my name is dennis me and my family. Is stuck in san benito texas and there is no work here so need to get back to Michigan me my wife and my to little girls three and five
0 votes
answered Feb 6, 2017 by laura  
Yes I'm stranded in Spartanburg SC with my three kids and moving truck we ran out of gas and are hungry and are looking to see if anyone can help us to get back to youngsville nc

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