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I hate the idea of reality, the idea of getting a job, going to college, dealing with problems in the world. So when I'm online, talking to people who I know I will never meet, I pretend I'm someone else. The extent of being in a fantasy world has gone as far as actually changing the person I am.
I pretend my parents are dead and I live with adoptive parents. I in know way want this to happen and would be so devastated if it did, but some how I feel the urge to tell people this so I get their sympathy and love.
When I tell people this lie, I actually feel sad and depressed over having dead parents and living with someone else, but then I remember it's not actually real? It's like I've been through it because I feel so deeply sad over it when I tell people.

I don't lie to people in real life, only online.
I like feeling the sadness of having a troubled life, but then I'm always happy to remember that I actually have 2 married parents whom I live with.

I have also recently started telling guys that I've recently just gotten out of an abusive relationship, because I again feel so strongly depressed when i tell them this that it feels real, and I like that it attracts them into a relationship with me because they feel sorry and want to show me real love, but truthfully I know what real love is and I've never been abused!

What is this? Why am I doing it??
Country: Uk

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2 Answers

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I cant say exactly why you do what you do. Prehaps your feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of life as you transition into adulthood and this is causing you to feel anxious and these stories are a way to convey these feelings to others. In any case I wouldnt feel too bad about it, its not that big of a deal. I dont blame you for feelng apprehensive about the future, alot of people do and just saying that rather than making up stories will probably be a better route to getting the empathy and understanding you require. Good luck
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what is this?

It is called being a human. This is the only species that dose good or bad with the same level of  comitment.

Why is this?

Well as with other "Why" questions. Every one has an answer and no one has the answer.

The real question is Do you want to do it and like it too? Then keep dooing it,  take it up a notch, till you realy hert some one and will get caught and will be punished.
If you dont want it because you dont like it? Then STOP.

Now the question is what to do with the time you will be left over. The answer is take up a physical activity, run around the block or run stationary in your home/ room. Inhale in four steps hold for one and exhale in four steps. This can be achieved gradually. If you still have time start reading,writing or listining to music. Use only one sence out of thesix and let you mind come up with the rest. Eat only 3/4 of what you think you want to. Higher oxygen in the blood, and lower suger content will give you positive thinking.

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