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i'm a 19 year old guy. my parents are devout pentecostals and have raised me to adhere to their values. they are convinced that their beliefs are complete truth.
my parents have recently found out that i have fallen in love with someone. this someone happens to be male. i've dated girls before but only now i know what love feels like. he makes me feel like i'm flying. he's beautiful in every way. he cares about me so much and loves me just like i love him. we've been together for about five months and have fallen into a deep love.
my parents were horrified to find out about this. they cried for days and told me it's like i've died. i'm currently a student and dependent on them, i can't move out. they've forced me to stop seeing him. he's heartbroken and so am i. i feel awful. and on top of that, they constantly scrutinise me. i can't leave the house or answer my phone without being interrogated. i hate this. i don't know what to do and i've started getting suicidal thoughts. is being gay wrong? should i leave? where would i go? help.

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3 Answers

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Profile Photo by findangel ANGEL1000+ (1.8k points)   1 2 6
Most churches in the Pentecostal Movement view homosexuality as a sin, so I hope that you first understand your parent’s point of view. And we can all tell how much your parents love you and care about you.

Right or wrong is often judged according to the current popular believes in the society. Ideas that were wrong before could be right at this time, and vice versa. Faith should be your personal experience instead of believes force into your system by others. God doesn’t force you to believe in him or to love him; instead he just gives you his love unconditionally. You are free and have the right to explore, experience, and love. You should not let the judgment from others lower your self-esteem.

However, you should always remember that you are a member of this society, and should never walk away from it. You should never isolate yourself. And I hope you understand that your family will always be your best support.

Considering all the above, I hope that you will calm down, shift your focus from this love back to your study and social life, continue to explore, to experience … to grow … to believe in yourself …

If it is true love, it can wait … not to mention if it is for an independent and wise young men …
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Profile Photo by Polchies ANGEL3000+ (3.8k points)   1 3 4
This is a complicated situation but there are pretty easy ways to handle it as long as you do so in a gentle manner and treat the situation as it is, sensitive and complex. First of all, you are always to respect your parents, this is a given. However, with that said, parents are also supposed to love and support their children no matter what as well. Given their religion and their beliefs it really isn't a surprise that they feel the way that they do about your sexual identity, however, their beliefs and feelings are just that, theirs. They do not have the right to belittle or degrade you in any way shape or form or make you believe that you are any less of a person because you are gay. You said that you are nineteen, and although you live with your parents and have to respect their rules while in their house,you are also old enough to make up your own mind and decide who you date. If your parents are so against this part of your life and refuse to accept or acknowledge it then don't bring this into their home or their lives. If you and this guy are truly in love like you say that you are and if being apart is hurting the two of you then be together. Just do it away from your parents, Prehaps over time they will come to accept this and then you can truly be open with them but for now, their beliefs seem to be gaurding them from approving this, however, this doesn't mean that you should lower yourself to being unhappy or without love just to make them happy, after all, they are your parents they are not supposed to make you feel the way you claim that they have. My advice is to get back together with this guy who you say makes you so happy, never pass up love. Just don't flaunt it around your parents or expect their acceptance for awhile. People need time to adjust and accept things on their own terms, you can't expect them to accept it as easily as you do because parents have a preset version of how their children will turn out pretty much right from the time the child is born, so, to be told after nineteen years of living the preset version that this is actually not how their child will be living his/her life is a shock to any parent, and increases with parents who have intense beliefs. Give them time, maybe they will come around about it when they do see how happy you truly are. One way or another the only one you have to worry about making happy is yourself. When you are happy you are content and when you are content you will never have to wonder about weather you are doing whats right because you will just know.
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Profile Photo by dolphin007 ANGEL24K (309k points)   7 7 12
I know that you are a man and not gay... for me I don't believe in gays or ******** 'cuz for me they don't exist! The only gender here on earth is Adam or Eve!

You know these unexplainable, erroneous or wrong feeling of a man having an affection or likes with another man or a woman having an affection or likes with another woman are none other than works of the dark side forces that will always push the individual towards temptation of the flesh so that they will commit mortal sin.

I am a voice hearer and based on my experience I'v heard this bothering voices from no where that they will do everything to ruin the souls of all humanity (all forms of total freedom that a human could ever imagine that are sinful and put all humanity in danger) and these voices or snares keeps on bothering me 24/7 from dusk  till dawn!

Good thing our Lord God Almighty saved me from becoming depressed, desperate & hopeless and totally avoided my plan to just end my life 'cuz all I want to happen is that these bothering voices or snares from the dark side will be taken out of my way 'cuz I want peace of mind and our Lord God Almighty granted my prayer request!

Try to have a look at the Story of Soddom & Gommorah wherein our Lord God Almighty saved the Family of Lot 'cuz they're at least the righteous people left in that city and the rest of the sinful people within the city of Soddom & Gommorah have been destroyed by the rain of fire that struck the city that's why our Lord God Almighty sent His 2 Angels to warn and save Lot and his family and told him that they should leave the City immediately 'cuz the Lord God Almighty will eventually destroy the City of Soddom and Gomorrah!

Look you are a man and all you have to do is to feel like a man in a moral way and please try to inculcate in your mind that there's no such thing as gay or lesbian! Man or Woman alone and you're one of the Moral Men who will follow the good teachings of the Holy Bible! Try to look up so high to our Lord God Almighty Son Jesus Christ who is the real model of Divine and Holy Manhood!

Look you don't have to become a Basketball Hard Court heart throb with all your lady fans surrounding you craving for sumthing, Drug or Alcohol Dude, or Life of the party **** with you as the stud serving ladies one at a time or together for an ****** and savory ****** eventually. These are nothing but ******, hedonistic symbolism of being a macho man!

These are usually the standard of the society in order for you to be called a man but it is totally sinful either 'cuz it's totally immoral! Now if you will embrace and enjoy that unexplainable high feeling as if you were high on drugs whenever you think or whenever you're with that male friend of yours then you are giving up your moral and ethical standards and the negative spirits of the darkside will keep on banging your head until you fully give in to the pleasure all the time 'cuz your unconscious thoughts and emotions are encrypted by these garbage negative spirits of the dark side that you can't actually see but they're just around to rumble any human spirit or soul until he/she becomes totally sinful and would just totally embrace or adhere to that unexplainable euphoric or pleasurable feeling that will always be wicked or evil in nature!

That euphoric feeling that you have towards your male friend is totally beyond the natural or it is a negative supernatural feeling being thrown to a person's Physiological, Psychological and Spiritual state by the dark side force that caused the fall of Adam and Eve at the Garden of Eden to a person 'cuz what's normal is that a Man likes a Woman and a Woman likes a Man. When we were born it's either a baby boy or a baby girl only! Psychology can't really explain this phenomenon and would just rationalize that there's something wrong in the testosterone production for male and estrogen production for female and other biological abberations or abnormalities, etc! But the Holy Bible has the best explanation regarding this unexplainable beyond the normal feeling that causes a man to like a man and a woman to like a woman!

As I'v told you based on the different voices that bothered me before they will really do anything to destroy the soul or spirit of an individual that will make him or her separated from the Divine Grace of our Lord God Almighty and I have heard from these voices further that they will not be condemned by our Lord God Almighty if they don't have that embeded evil qualities that will always strive hard to pull ones soul or spirit down it's preety scary I swear!

Try to read the Holy Bible from now on 'cuz it will free you from that euphoric negative supernatural feeling that mixes with you and these spirits of the darkside hates a person reading a Holy Bible 'cuz maybe they're in pain 'cuz their assignment is to tempt and damage all human souls or spirit and to stay away from his/her Christian faith!

You might think that it's pretty normal to feel that way 'cuz many have already been accepted by the society and it would be a pleasure to become one of the group of men who also like men or group of ladies who also like ladies! The person is not aware that these spirits of the dark side will always bother all humanity on a day 2 day basis until you find yourself already trapped and already sinful but do love the sinful feeling which is totally dangerous for the life after death!

It is only our Lord God Almighty who can rebuke His enemies and these are the unclean, negative spirits of the dark side with ***** as their leader that will always bother all of us upto the last hour of our breath here on earth!

Just always think that Our Lord God Almighty is totally bigger that the entire Universe & Heaven that He created and no tiny dots of evil creatures will prevail before His Divine, Holy, Immaculate and Sacred Highest Pedestal Throne from up above!

Happy New Year and God bless your whole family always...

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