Angels Who Regularly Help Humanity

Builder Angels

This group of angels resides in the sixth dimension, acting as the architects or designers of the various forms or light matrixes for the minerals, plants, animals, etc. The Builder Angels produce these forms using creative intelligence and their knowledge of the archetypes after aligning themselves with the force of the divine word to augment and amplify the seminal power of each quintessence.

City, State, and National Angels

Each city, state, and nation has its own special angel which resides above the area in the ethers. For example, a City Angel overlights the entire metropolitan area, wrapping its strong aura around the populace, constantly quickening their artistic, cultural, and religious endeavors. Channeling pure spiritual intent into the minutest corners of the city, the angel sprinkles them with radiant light.

Guardian Angels

This group of angels devotes all of its time and energy to individual guidance and soul unfoldment. Upon birth everyone is assigned a personal guardian angel who maintains continual vigilance, watching over daily activities. They influence a person’s intellect and imagination towards higher levels of spiritual expression, fostering well being by encouraging acts of compassion and kindness.

Healing Angels

This group of angels is responsible for cleansing the etheric bodies of humans. Their main focal points are hospitals and sanitariums which they bath with streams of healing radiance, energizing the atmosphere with waves of tranquility, hope, and peace. They also clarify the congested areas of an individual’s etheric body, restoring health and longevity to the template underlying the physical body.

Inspiration Angels

This group of angels inspires humanity by raining rainbows of vibrant thought and of intense beauty upon the Earth. Musicians and poets are stimulated by these colorful imprints and moved to compose harmonious melodies and flowing lyrics. The Inspiration Angels rarely reveal themselves to the recipient of their blessings, preferring to act more like a mystical sunrise full of glad tidings.

Messenger Angels

This group of angels delivers messages from the angelic realms to the everyday world. The messages may contain words of advice, comfort, warning, revelation, or instruction. The Messenger Angel may simply deliver the message and leave or in the instance of a national crisis may prolong their stay, offering their services as an intermediary between the realms until the problem is resolved.

Nature Angels

This group of angels oversees the elemental beings of earth, the gnomes; of water, the undines; of fire, the salamanders, and of air, the sylphs. They overlight mountains, oceans, lakes, waterfalls, land masses, valleys, and landscapes. The Nature Angels (who have frequently been called Devas), also regulate the seasonal cycles and the dispensation of karmic cleansing via, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes.

Prayer Angels

This group of angels focuses on the thoughtforms created by people during prayer and meditation. They respond to specific heartfelt appeals, watching over a constructive prayer, making sure that nothing interferes with its growth from seed to full flowering. Unworthy prayers are allowed to fall on fallow ground. Prayer Angels intercede only after they have received prayers for their assistance.

Protector Angels

This group of angels intervenes in the lives of humans to save lives and prevent tragedies. They act in concrete ways to help spiritual seekers, who have either consciously or subconsciously requested such intercession, when confronted with crisis situations with deadly consequences. Some examples include: freeing an apostle from prison or shoving a car out of the way of a potentially fatal accident.

Song Angels

This group of angels uplift and purify the world with their singing. They are especially active during the ceremonies and rituals of the Sacred Pathways. During the holidays and seasonal festivals of the various sacred traditions, the harmonies of their celestial choruses resound throughout the ethers. When the Song Angels work together in great numbers their songs resemble harmonic tones.

Warrior Angels

This group of angels has assisted humanity over the millenium with its struggle against the forces of chaotic disorder and entrophic evil (live spelled backwards). The Warrior Angels fight spiritual battles, thwarting the attempts of those who attempt to enslave the souls of others and feed off of their spiritual lifeforce. They bring the blessings of freedom of choice and communion with the divine.

Copyright © Maureen Grace Burns, Spirit Songs (In Memory Of Maureen Grace Burns)


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