If Life is a Movie …

We think you have heard about this metaphor: Life is like a movie, and you are one of the actors or actresses inside. Here I will tell you more about it, which you may not know before…

First of all, you’d notice that this MOVIE is not a movie of your life only. It is a huge movie of all the lives in this world. Your life is a part of it.

Then you may ask who write the script? The answer is every actors and actresses in this movie! Everyone have the right to write their own script, and we have to do this everyday as long as we are in this movie.

Obviously, you will come to a second question: “Then why people are often disappointed by the unexpected result? Why things sometimes go to the way we would never want it to?”

Well, as you know everyone is correlated to each other in some way in this world. While we write our own script, there are all kinds of conflicts and extreamly complicated interactions. In addition, for this movie to go on, every script should obey some kinds of universal and basic rules or principles (boundaries). You can regard them as the director(s) or directress(es) of this movie. (In religion, people may give it or them certain name(s), such as God.) Therefore, after everyone hand in their own script, the director(s) or directress(es) will adjust them all together and come out with a combined and unique script of this movie (we do not consider the possibility of Parallel Universes here). This process is happening every second (or any unite of time) repeatedly.

Let me explain this process in another way (hope you still remember some math theory):

Every script we write is like a multivariable function. It has some unknowns (You may not notice them), which makes the result not unique. However, when we put all these multivariable functions everyone hands in together, we can solve it – come out with a unique result. This is the final script of the movie in a certain time frame. (Some people would like to think some randomness factors are added to these functions, and call them luck.)

Here comes the last question: “Then, what are those rules and principles?” This is a good question! It could be some rules or principles similar to those scientific rules and principles you learned in school or some religion believes…

When you find them, you will grasp the technique and art to do things right, you are able to have your own life under your control, you could have a happy and healthy life… and don’t forget you will be a great scriptwriter, actors or actresses, and even a famous movie star!

However, no one can give you the most accurate and comprehensive answer to what these rules and principles are. You can only find them through the experience of yourself and others. This is the reason why we are here to help you and help you to help others; this is the reason why we collect and share life experiences; and this is the reason why we think, together, we can help others in need.

Bottom lines:

  • You are Unique in this world! You are producing your own movie, having your own characters, and acting yourself, not anyone else!
  • You are always given the ability and right to influence your life and others. Be Active and Optimistic!
  • There are many factors (from you, from others and from those rules and principl…) together to decide the final outcome of your everyday life (the movie we discussed)!
  • Once you find the “rules and principles” (In Find Angel, we call them Life Experiences) the “director(s) or directress(es)” use(s), you would have much better understanding and control of your own life.
  • Tell others about your part of the movie by sharing your Life Experience. You always need audience. And be an audience of others’ parts of the movie.
  • The Movie of Life has no “Take 2”. It is LIVE, and you can do it only once. So please think about it before you do it, be serious and treasure every second of your life.
  • Enjoy this amazing movie! (Don’t forget you are one of the actors/actresses and producers.)


Dax 2004


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