Nine Orders (Choirs) of Angels

(Heavenly Counselors: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones; Heavenly Governors: Dominions,Virtues, Powers, Heavenly Messengers: Principalities, Archangels, Angels)

First Angelic Triad – Heavenly Counselors
(Seraphim, Cherubim, Ophanim)

Angels of pure intent and intense radiance, because of their fiery love, the Seraphim are often called fiery serpents. Beings of pure light, closest to the emanation of divinity, they sing and regulate the heavens. The highest and most magnificent of the angelic choirs, they have perfect powers of concentration and are described as being so brilliant that even other angels find it difficult to gaze upon them. Radiant with holy enthusiasm, they dedicate their invocations to the eternal glory of creation. The fire of the Seraphim burns with the healing flame of love. As ardent administrators of the universe, they regulate heavenly movements and evolutionary spirals.

Angels of illuminative knowledge and awe-inspiring presence, because of their empowered vigilance, the Cherubim are often called glorious guardians. Beings of sphinx like demeanor, they intone and spread the essence of truth, stirring others to spiritual renewal. The wisdom of the Cherubim is so immense that it is incomprehensible to the human mind. Resplendent with sovereign goodness, the Cherubim act as celestial aides and charioteers, cutting through forests of darkness, deadwood, and negativity with the flame of their whirling swords. Meticulous keepers of universal records, they maintain the mobility of the Wheel of Life and safeguard the Mid-Way Station.

Ophanim (Thrones)
Angels of impartial judgment and inspirational magnetism, because of their pristine transitions, the Ophanim are often called merkaba wheels. Beings of chariot like carriage, they mirror and convey spiritual perfection and divine light. Spectacular with sublime authority, the Ophanim, dispense divine justice with great impeccability and humble integrity, fulfilling great purposes with fiery will. They consecrate themselves to the sacred trust of the judicious upliftment of all sentient beings. Objective translators of universal law, they ponder the pronouncements of divinity with perfect commitment to impartial responsibility, then fulfill these great imperatives with fiery will.

Second Angelic Triad – Heavenly Governors
(Dominions, Virtues, Powers)

Angels of balanced reconciliation and transcendent wisdom, because of their role as equalizers, the Dominions are often called flashing swords. Beings of emblematic countenance, they hold the orbs of spherical command, serenely involving themselves with all the minutiae of cyclical existence. Sparkling with assured astuteness, the Dominions, manifest divine wisdom. They ensure and maintain universal order, by unifying and linking all the angelic orders with their ultimate source of divine continuity. Intrepid regulators, they officially enjoin the duties and desired parameters necessary for dimensional integration between the material and spiritual realms.

Angels of earthly blessings and gracious miracles, because of their role as bestowers, the Virtues are often called lofty beamers. Beings of radiant expression, they preside over all the aspects of elemental life, courageously steering the courses of celestial and terrestrial living. Vibrant with meritorious valor, the Virtues, preside over star routes and starseed progressions. They oversee and note the processes of nature, including sowing and reaping; sunshine and storm. Endurance enhancers, they bolster the will for good within human hearts and instill stamina to follow sacred pathways by boosting the ability to remain steadfast with divine grace.

Angels of potent force and threshold defense, because of their role as regulators, the Powers are often called, lightening swords. Beings of dynamic visage, they defend against all attempts by others to subvert or overthrown the divine plan, energetically preserving universal equanimity and equilibrium. Majestic with harmonic resonance, the Powers, prevent fallen light energies from inundating and controlling the world. They buttress collective consciousness enabling humanity to envision peaceful coexistence. Unity torchbearers, they safeguard the stability of form and viability of function of both the terrestrial sacred pathways and the celestial travel byways.

Third Angelic Triad – Heavenly Messengers
(Principalities, Archangels, Angels)

Angels of humanitarian concern and nation empowerment, because of their role as sentinels, the Principalities are often called, authority wielders. Beings of princely demeanor, they watch over human transactions, keeping an eye on the dealings of multinational corporations, as well as, the management of large groups like provinces, counties, districts, cities, and towns. Regal with global integration, the Principalities, utilize their remarkable fortitude to influence human hearts and minds. Worldly guides, they lead the national rulers, protect religion and politics from the encroachment of evil, and provide technical assistance to the guardian angels.

Angels of special prominence and specific assignment, because of their role as arrangers, coordinators, directors, encouragers, empowerers, healers, illuminators, integrators, mages, messengers, protectors, resonators, synthesizers, and transformers, the Archangels are often called celestial envoys. Beings of heraldic deportment, they convey the proclamations of divine will throughout the realms of the universe. Leaders with bridging responsibilities, the Archangels, span dimensional time and space to serve as patrons and protectors of humanity, bringing hallowed blessings and providing intercessional openings.

Supportive emissaries, the most widely recognized list of the Archangels overlighting earthly endeavors includes: Chamael, Jophael, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Urriel, and Zadkiel. With the exception of Michael who recently relocated to the Merope Midway Station so that he could focus more intently on his work with the newly formed Spiritual Coalition of Lightworkers acting as a liaison bridge between the different groups before accepting his current position as Chieftain of the Omniangels, all of these Archangels are currently serving as one of the twenty-four Archangels of the Twelve Universal Lightrays. To learn more about them please see Archangels, Archangel Focal Point Spirals, and Archangels Messages.

Angels of world service and personal ministration, because of their multiplicity of functions, the Angels, are called many different names, according to the tasks they perform. Beings of profound beauty, they carry out many diverse duties that comfort, heal, counsel, and guide humanity. Influential companions, the Angels, watch over households and individuals with responsible subtlety and enduring commitment. Soul caretakers, they guard souls, sacred spaces and holy places, as well as, nations. By exercising continual vigilance and using every means available to increase love and light, they protect their charges from harm and develop planetary consciousness.

Copyright © Maureen Grace Burns, Spirit Songs (In Memory Of Maureen Grace Burns)


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