” As a planet, we need to move beyond merely tolerating Religions Spirituality Faiths that are different from our own, towards building a global rainbow bridge of communication, commitment, communion, commonality and community that connects all our consciousnesses together. Many colors make up a rainbow. Each color is special and different from the others; yet, its core essence is still that of a color; and, it is still one of the many colors that make up a rainbow.

Religions Spirituality has background beliefs information on the practices and principles of several of our most prominent Beliefs Spirituality Faiths Religions Philosophies along with relevant complementary pictures. Buddhism Buddhist, Christianity Biblical, Druidry Treelore, Heathenry Heathen, Hinduism Vedas, Islam Sunnah, Judaism Talmud are all looked at.

Many rivers flow towards the universal seas carrying our personal soul ships ever closer towards union with the Divine. The first step towards appreciating different Beliefs Spirituality Faiths Religions Philosophies is to understand their enriching traditions, distinctive terminologies, ritualistic practices, sacred symbology and spiritual landscapes.

Our search for As Above so Below, for Eternal Divine Goodness, for Heaven on Earth, for Impeccable Fundamental Truths and for Unity amidst Diversity is the central unifying thread that links together all our beliefs, our faiths, our religions, our philosophies and our spirituality. Celebrations, ceremonies, festivals, practices, principles and rituals fulfill personal and community needs for erudite edification, for fulfilling worship, for ethical guidelines, for sanctified blessings and for spiritual sustenance.”

Copyright © Maureen Grace Burns, Spirit Songs (In Memory Of Maureen Grace Burns)


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