My husband is the description of the perfect Marine. He is physically fit, hard as nails, and dedicated to serving his country. So, when he received orders to Iwakuni, Japan, it was a mixed-emotion day. I was so very proud of him and glad that he was going to a country where he could make a difference. But, for the children, all they could comprehend was that Daddy was leaving for a very long time.
The drive to the airport was excruciating. We stopped to eat. My husband sat in silence and watched the kids goof around. It was almost like he was absorbing them…their very essence.
When we got to the airport, we went to where the security gate was. It was about 30 minutes until he boarded the plane and the drive home was almost 3 hours. I looked at my husband and told him that we had to leave. I hugged him and started to cry. He was going to be gone a year and I had never been away from him for longer than 4 months. Then, each of our three children hugged him. Angel Elizabeth, our 5 year old, said; “Daddy, please don’t leave me.” I could see my husband struggling not to cry. Here was my rock hard Marine, in tears. He hugged us all again. He started to cry. The pain that I felt coming from him made me realize something. Men, no matter who they are or who they pretend to be, are not made of steel. My husband’s heart was breaking. For just one second, only one, I knew that he would walk away from his dream and come back with us. But, integrity and the love of the Corps helped him to stay the course.
I am so very proud to be married to a Marine who puts his family behind his love of his country. He does this so everyone, including you, can sleep in peace at night. My husband is my best friend, and also my angel in disguise. God bless him and all of you.


Dear Angel, proud of you, your husband and your little Angels. Thanks for remind us about love to our other part, to our children, to our parents and to our country in this special Valentines day. To all those who can not be with the other part in this special day, please know love can go through distance and spaces to connect hearts and deliver beatitude.
May your husband, you and your lovely little Angels have a sweet and warm Valentines Night.

Find Angel


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