Angel Gala (Saturday, October 25 2003 12:11am)
Hello, friend,

I know that it makes you sad to see someone that you love hurting themselves in such a way as
drinking too much too often. The best place for you to contact is Al-Anon. There are offline and online
resources to get in touch with others who are feeling as you do.
You can best help your daughter by helping yourself & learning how to help her.

Here is the main website for Al-Anon :
There is a lot of info there. It is for people who are friends or relatives of an alcoholic.

Here are a few online sites for support that you might want to check out and join.

Serenity Online
Serenity Prayer
Al-Anon Alumni
Family/Friends of Addicts
An AA/Alanon, Family Recovery Site

I pray & wish for you and her the very best always.
Take care & hugs,
Angel Gala


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