Plant a garden that blossoms and grows

Touch the petals of a delicate rose

Wink at a star in the darkness of night

Smile at the moon shining so bright

Fly with angels through the clouds above

Take a journey on the wings of love

Embrace the heart closest to you

Make a wish and it’ll come true

Talk with angels in a whispering voice

Love a child by chance or by choice

Follow your heart to the place you belong

Dance to the rhythm of an angel’s song

A flight with the angels, hand in hand

Floating on air to a mystical land

A billion stars in a faraway place

The sparkling eyes of an angel’s face

Moisten your eyes with a happy tear

Dream the dreams that children share

Take a journey to the heavens above

And soar with angels on the wings of love

May every child far and wide

Feel a soft caress and know inside

Their own sweet worth on this earth

As gifts from above on the wings of love.


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