“Hello. I visited this site for the first time today. I came here
looking for guidence for myself, and hopefully I will find some. But
as I started to read some of the questions and postings by other
members, I began to empathize and feel that maybe, just maybe, I could
also be a help to them. Some of the problems posed by these folks are
things I have already fought and lived through. And while I never
pretend to have all the answers, especially for myself, I do think
that my past experiences might give me a few tools to share with
others. Suicide, depression for years and years, financial, etc…It’s
all very familiar, and some of it I have overcome. So it leads me to
this question for you.

Let’s say that, down the road, I am able to give some helpful advice
or thoughts to someone in need. A volunteer Angel if you will.

And then perhaps that person identifies, and later on may have a wish
to have some sort of further communication, via email, etc… It’s
happened before on other help sites long ago.

Is that something that is forbidden or in any way infringes on your
terms of service? I don’t even know how something like that might pan
out, because clearly this is not a message center as such, and I don’t
even know if someone could contact me even if they wanted to. It’s
certainly not a reason for me to join or to become a member. It’s
merely a thought, and a question I wanted to raise BEFORE I went
through with further registration processes.

… ”


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