To “I am sufferig from grief and don’t want to live anymore“:

We are all dots connected with each other in this society. Some dots, such as very best friends/families, are especially close to us. Some even overlap with our dots. Their existences become the major part of your smaller world and usually propel other dots nearby.

When they left this smaller world, we could feel like we have nothing left, because we are “nearsighted”. And because these dots were once strongly connected with ours, their leaving could have the force pulling us out of this world with them and even further away from other dots.

However, the truth is that we are still connected with millions of other dots in this society as long as we are living. We are NOT alone, and the worst thing to do at this time is to isolate ourselves, and convince ourselves that this (smaller) world come to an end.

Instead, we should look further, see all the other dots nearby, discover new dots, and strengthen our connections with them. Those left dots will be always living in our memory …

Your life is precious and valuable! And sure you can create more value out of it, such as being an advocate for sexually abused child, or simple being a dot helping other dots to connect …

Suicide is NOT a solution. Time will heal and your future could be even more meaningful …

If you need to talk with a helpline, you can find it here:

May Angels Around!


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