To “I don’t feel like I deserve to live”:


Just keep holding on. There is more to life than what you’re going through now. I feel like giving up too, but i KNOW that there is a brighter future ahead.

Hold on, ok? There’s people out there who care about you.

answered by thereisalight


No one should force you to believe in God. However, with respect, you should never use the word “lie” to describe something you don’t believe. You see, if you cannot prove that it is true, it doesn’t become a lie, until you can prove it to be false. Your mom should respect you, at the same time she deserves your respect. Do you agree?

I am sorry to know about your medical condition, but is there any job you can handle under such condition? Did your doctor say it is ok to have certain kind of job? You see, again you “don’t believe” you are able to get a job, but you never try to get one … How can you be sure without even trying?

You are depressed because you lost your goal and passion. Let’s do this: assume your mom is right and you will go to **** (again, just assume, she could be wrong). From now on, your goal will be making this world you are living in closer to a heaven, so you can help yourself, people around you, and others who may have the same destiny to experience the joy, love, peace, power, colorfulness, meaningfulness … of heaven. Can you do this? Are you willing to take this challenge?

Everyone deserves to live. We are all lucky to have a precious life, and through which we can make changes to this world and all species living in it. And I know you are one of those who will make this change positive.

Back to school, find a job … keep living … your future will be bright, with vivid colors and straight lines …

You are right, suicide is NOT a solution. 1-800-273-TALK


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