To “How do I get the strength to carry on and rebuild when I am so low in every way???”:

Dear anonymous,

A phoenix allways rises from it’s ashes and there is light at the end of every tunnel! Though things may seem to be against you now, fortune will soon shine on you for in life, things fall apart sometimes for everything to fall in to place and soon you will see, someday your troubles will turn into blessings and your sadness into happiness!

Hold your head up high and walk on! Every cloud has a silver lining and after every storm theres a rainbow! Hold on! Your so close!

What you need to do is to pick yourself up and show the world your ready to fight whatever comes at you! Learn to love yourself! Yesterdays gone! Every day is a new day, ready to be siezed! Everyone makes mistakes in life! It’s part of being human! We learn from what we do wrong! If it wassnt for mistakes we wouldnt have ever progresed from the stoneage!

You have a beautiful, bright future ahead of you and I just know your ship is going to come sailing trough after you read this message. You were meant to be! You are part of the fabric in this world and more people care about you than you think! Be strong and courageous!

Every life can be changed for the better! And it comes to show you are a kind feeling person as you have shown yourself through your emotion in this letter!

Don’t stop believing!


answered 14 hours ago by leanonme (180 points)


Please don’t blame yourself. Your weakness is not the reason for your business failure and depression. There are many factors and I am sure that you have learned a lot from these experience.

Statistic shows that 90% of firms are out of business by year 10. And it is getting shorter and shorter these days. The only different between you and one successful entrepreneur may be just not giving up under this condition and have one more try …

“I have since sunk further and further into self loathing and depression of my failures.  I have isolated myself from my friends” – You are a very intelligent individual and you know what is going on. You know that one of the worst things to do at this time is to isolate yourself from your social network. All you need is to break this cycle …

Suicide is NOT a solution. Please never give up! A great future is waiting for you …

answered 3 days ago by hope (3,410 points)


Thank you Angels for making this world closer to heaven …


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