To “Is the future worth it? Is anything worth it?”:

You already spend your life DREAMING it is time to WAKE UP!!!! AND START LIVING!!!!

Wake up……..put the video games away..the bad thoughts…the dark thoughts……..

Open the window let the fresh air in…see the sky….feel the wind….feel the suns warmth………look at you in a new light.

Your pityfull story reaks of self pity ,self loathing, self everything you have so much more to give this world that you hate.

You have so much more to give the people on this world.

You have the ability to change your life.

If you can’t find happiness, what is wrong with giving it? it’s not all about you.

You have to WAKE UP!!!!!!! iI am not giving you wishy washy talk because i know you don’t need it.

You obviously have deep convictions, passions, beliefs, then USE THEM to help others. Fire in the belly can keep us alive Fight for others, where is your warrior of love pathway?

P.s  After my tough talk I STILL SEND YOU A RAINBOW HUG.

answered 1 day ago by spunkymonkey


My dear friend,

A person without strength, courage, and intelligent can’t write such a question here. I see that you have great potential and capability … You can be a hero in the game and also in your life.

You fight in the game, and you keep fighting even you are defeated at times … you never give up in the game, why you are doing this in your life? What’s the different? The game gives you a mission, and you will do everything to achieve the goal. Your life gives you a dream, why can’t you do everything to try to get there??

You can be failed, you can get rejected, but you can also stand up and keep fighting as you always do …

It is never too late to take positive action to change life for a better future! Start today!

Set a goal, and give yourself smaller missions that will help you get there. One step at a time, just keep going forward in the right direction! Talk with people you respect and ask them to help you set these goals. You need help, just like all of us do …

Here is a challenging mission for you if you accept it: Find ten (10) different human beings to talk to (on anything) face-to-face or on the phone today.

Suicide is NOT a solution! Missions and rewards are waiting for you in your real life, you just have to fight and never give up!

answered 4 hours ago by hope


After reading your words I feel like I truely would like to pray for you to help you and your situation get better.

Please God help this person in his/her distress he/she is a truely sensitive kind person and would like to do good in his/her life.Give this person faith in their lives so that they feel life is worth living again.Let them feel your love and kindness and give him/her the oppertunity to do kindnesses for others and to find friends. Give him/her hope and open they’re eyes to the good in the world around them the creatures you made, the fresh air, the good people in the world and they’re love and kindness.In Jesus’s name I pray thankyou God.

I just want to let you know there IS hope for you to get better I have healed some people before by praying to God for them to be healed through his love.God loves you no matter what you think of yourself.Although I am not in the same situationas you  I almost feel I have some similarities to you. I feel sometimes I havn’t achieved anything, that I’m sinful and that God would hate me.You are not alone. I havn’t many friends either but then I remember that I do love my family even when we fight,I remember all the kind things I’ve done in my life these are achievements in God’s eyes not particularly jobs and careers for money. Perhaps by loving yourself and doing Gods work and having a love for God is the place to start.Then when you do kindnesses for other people and watch how happy they are, you feel better about yourself  and feel you have self worth. from Corinne x

answered Jun 12 by corinne


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