To “everyone would be better of without me,why am im so worthless and feel so down,i hate myself” :



I know now, you’re looking back on all the negative things that happened in your life. Stop. Look at all the positive and heartfelt things that you’ve come across, and the ones yet to come.

As far as being hurt goes, it happens. I’ve had my fair share of heartbreaks and letdowns. I promise you, I’ll be here for you. I don’t know you, but I’ll do anything to help someone out. I know the feeling of being alone, not having someone. I’m going to be here for you.

answered Jun 12 by kaymasterr


Hi, it looks like you have had a few mountains in the past to clime, and have climed them. you were strong enough to do this I admire you for that.

Life can seem unfair at times but can also be good. Like Kaymasterr “I will also be here for you” if you would like me too.

Talking to someone who has been there and done that, helps to understand why you feel this way. I can tell you I felt like you once. I saw no purpose in life at that time, thank god I didnt do anything silly. I am now happy, and trying to help others  get through this time and put the past behind . If I can do this ,so can you. Please feel free to share your feelings with me as a friend. Take care and please contact me I want to know your OK.      Faith

answered Jun 12 by faith


Everything happens for a reason.  I  trully believe this.  There must be a reason for your existence.  If you haven’t find yet stick around a bit more, until you find it.  You said you are a burden. But I’m sure you’ve made someone smile at least once. Think back,  there must be little things that you did to make a life brighter for at least one moment. And that makes you worthy enough to give yourself another chance( and not only one: 10, 20 as many as you need). Maybe these words won’t have much effect, but ,if you want, I want to be here for you, because I think I know how you feel.

answered Jun 17 by nikyangelg


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