To “If no one actually cares about me then why shouldn’t I kill myself?” :


Hi, are you a male ? and what age are you ?

Dont think about killing yourself anymore, there are ways to deal with your worries.

Have you or are you getting help from your doctor.

I am interested to know more about you, if you will allow me to.
You sound to me that you are aware of your personality problems and I feel that you would like to find a way to control these thoughts and actions.
I am here for you if you wish to share a little of your thoughts. I care about you, please message me back………………….Faith

answered 6 days ago by faith


Are you working with a health professional on your sociopath? If not, I strongly recommend that.

Suicide is NOT a solution to your problem. I hope you know that you will get and feel better with some professional help, so please don’t give up!!

Please talk with us. You can also call the help line if you want to talk with someone now: 1850 60 90 90

May God Bless You!!

answered 5 days ago by hope


I am sure you only think that you have no one. I have been there and when I needed it most a kind stranger showed up and actually came out of their way to come and visit me and speak to me about how I was feeling. I was considering suicide because I felt all alone and had someone do something really horrible to me.

I am so glad now that I did not do it because now I am the happiest I have ever been. I never thought I would be happy and you will too. Don’t give up!

It may seem like your parents do not like you but if you are willing to work on your relationship with them things could get better and I am willing to bet they love you. Parents love rarely disappears just because times are difficult. They loved you enough to have you after all.

It is not easy when you are feeling this way but things really do get better. I always felt different and like I did not fit in. A psychologist told me I have aspergers. I was bullied all through school. I thought no one could ever like or love me and never use to believe anyone who said they did. Now I am in a relationship and in love and I never thought it would ever happen.

I also found out there are people who would of been devastated had I committed suicide. Yet I was always telling myself no one cared. Don’t do it you will be ok I promise and when live gets better you will look back on how you felt now and be so glad you never killed yourself.

If fear holds you back from making friends or opening up you are going to have to fight it and take chances. My not taking chances and being too scared to get close to anyone was probably the main reason I felt like committing suicide in the first place. I was letting fear keep me in my own personal h e l l and avoiding everything. Put yourself out there as scary as it is and you will make friends.

answered 5 days ago by danielleg89


This world is such a cruel place at times, and it just wants to choke you. But you cannot let it win. How is you ending your life gonna help? I am sorry but if I were being bullied I would not give them the satisfication. NO ONE is worth dying over! NO ONE! You are not alone. There are people here who are willing to help you. You have already taken the first step – you posted a question here. Parents will be parents and remember that they are not perfect, and they have as much doubts as anyone else. If the bullying is so bad ask your parents to be homeschooled … you do not deserve to be abused. Know that those people are not happy either and so they must inflict their misery on others. You are not a sociopath – a sociopath is a serial murderer, someone with no moral conscience. You do not strike me like that. You may be a little anti-social but who could blame you fi you are bullied. Take a deep breath me. Life is worth living – trust me… message me if you want to keep talking.

answered 3 days ago by vg2012


Hi, how are you feeling today? There is a reason for everthing that happens in life, and for you to be with us today confirms that the fact that your purpose in life is yet to be fulfiled.

Please do not be discouraged; stand firm in faith and keep believing in the goodness of life. You might not feel it now but you are going to be a blessing in someone’s life. It is through one’s painful experience that the rest of us get saved.

Be strong and stay positive. Keep in touch. 🙂

answered Jul 13 by adwoadarko


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