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It is fine to see your body from your spirit’s point of view once a while. This doesn’t have to be associated with depersonalization. Your body is a tool under your control and for your usage to make positive changes to this world.

Therefore, firstly, you need to take good care of it. I see that you have been working with a doctor on this. This is great, and you should keep working with him/her. His/her experience gained from helping you may also help others who suffer from similar disorder.

Secondary, your body and spirit are both connected to this world and reality. You need to be alert, be aware, and remind yourself to be focus on the thing you are doing and that you are part of THIS world at THIS moment. Stop the wondering thoughts by self-reinforcing phrases and exercises (discuss with your doctor).

Get more help from Student Counseling Services provided by your university. Keep working with your doctor to improve the condition, and keep focusing on things that are important to you at this stage, such as your college and healthy social/school activities.

You can go through this difficult time and a great future is waiting for you. Never give up!

May God Bless You!

answered Apr 22 by hope


There are times in life where we have to fight to see the good around us.  Why should you keep going?  Because there is still good around you and good to come, even if it’s hard to see right now.  The situation you are in is not permanent.  At one point in my life, I honestly thought I was headed for a padded cell.  In hind sight, that very dark portion of my life was also very temporary.  Now that I have seen some of the good that was still to come, I’ve very thankful to be through it and past it.  You can get there, strive to see the good around you and resist getting caught up in the negative.  Hang in there!

I hope and pray you see the light at the end of the tunnel and that it gives you the hope you need to keep moving forward.  For me, that hope was God.  What did I have to lose to give him a chance?  At the time, nothing.  It taught me that if you’re open to him, he’s there for you.  God bless you, keep you, and guide you!

answered Apr 22 by marjorieprints


I know a bit about schitzophrenia because I’ve suffered from it myself. It is difficult to carry on when you feel that way but there is ALWAYS hope. I would suggest you stop worrying about the symptoms, understand they are not real but only a trick of the mind.The mind is very complex and can play all sorts of tricks on you. I’m not saying to surrender and let it overtake you but just understand that it isn’t your fault it  and no one is mocking you. When I see flashes of light and get bad thoughts I replace them with good thoughts, thoughts of love and God and what Kind things I can do for people the next day. So don’t despair God thinks you are precious and he will help you on your way.

Please God help him concentrate on his grades and help his girlfriend to understand and have compassion for him. Rid him of these illnesses completely  and help him to have faith in you and feel that life is worth living again. I pray in Jesus’s name, thankyou God amen.

answered Jun 12 by corinne


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