To “I’m worried about suicide, can someone please help?”


Hi, you say you enjoy your job, that’s a positive, you have a best friend that loves you that’s a positive, and you are a loving person that’s also a positive. So you have positive in your life.

Teens to 20, are the most difficult times for emotions and you’re all over the place while you are finding who you are, and what life has in store for you. First you must be strong as this is a testing time for you. You are worried about what people say, don’t be.

Gay people are the most loving people I know, and they can give so much love, try loving yourself a little more. Accept your self; no one hates you, so why do you want to hate yourself.

Surly you can email and write to your friend when he’s away to keep in contact, phones can be expensive I know.

As for your family making fun of you, talk to them and tell them how it makes you feel, I’m sure they wouldn’t do it if they know how you feel.

You say you don’t know what to do……Well, start to love yourself for who you are, ask your god for guidance, Channel your mind and energy to make your life happier, talk to someone about how you feel.

Like Hope said, change your thoughts from hate to love.

Please feel free to message me back, I care about you, and would love to hear from you……..Faith answered Jun 23 by faith


Hi Jamie, I hope that after so much positive messages you are feeling a little better about yourself. Believe me when I say you are not incurring the wrath of God because you are gay. Your orientation or ****** preference is irrelevant to him. Being gay is not sickness; it is not a disease. You are simply born that way and I find it very hard to believe that God would create you only to condemn you. I think you probably just live in a very small town with very close-minded views. Religion is meant to bring you closer to God not separate you from him. Talk to God, pray, read the bible but don’t judge others and don’t judge yourself. There is no room for hate with God. Your parents may just have an incorrect notion of what love and God’s love really is. …As for your friend, you don’t need money to talk to him. Email is free. Skype is free. If you have a webcam and a pc, which I am sure you know at least someone who does you can call via the net free. You just both have to join. I don’t really know what your situation with him is, and I don’t want to get your hopes up, but it may be that he too is struggling with these feelings for you. He may just be too afraid to share and maybe he as at a stage where he is not ready to accept. But like i said, i don’t want to get your hopes up, and maybe he just sees you as a friend. You are young. You are confusing your crush with the actual love you feel for him as a friend. … As for family, they can sometimes be the most supportive and sometimes the worst critics. I am not sure how much help it would do if you actually talked things out with them since they don’t sound very rational. I will however suggest that you see a therapist or talk to someone. You know your family best so I don’t know how effective this will be, but you should tell them you don’t deserve being made fun of. If they disapprove you, then really they disapprove of themselves. It has been scientifically shown that being gay is biological, meaning it is genetic, and they made you. They also raised you. As for your body issues, find a center to help you. I know a lot of your issues stems from the fact that you are having a hard time accepting yourself. We all do. Everyone has self-doubts and everyone struggles with their identity- some people are just more honest about it. If you like to write, then you should write! so who cares if others are better at it than you – there will always be someone who is better, but you are not in competition with them. you just need to do what you love and the rest will fall into place. like i said, you are young and everyone is different. maybe you just need to take some classes… i don’t know if you are in school but you need some creative outlet. without it, you are going to continue the self mutilation, which you should not do. it helps no one! i don’t know what your personality is like, but if anyone saw me as a failure i would PROVE THEM WRONG. Prove all these people wrong. Don’t let them get to you or into your head and convince you that you are worthless simply because you are different. You are not worthless, and you are not a horribly messed up person. You also feel depressed because you are not eating. Your brain gets all nutty and all kind of emotionally altering hormones are released when you don’t have proper nutrition.

If you and your friend love each other, there is nothing wrong with being together. You are not hurting anyone. Again, God would not have put that love there if it were so evil. Like I said, I think you are just in a very closed minded environment and once you get out you will be able to breathe. Don’t let others dictate your life. Yes, it won’t be easy if you guys decide to be together, but you will have each other. Family, friends may never talk to you again, but that is their loss. You have done nothing wrong. Life is too short for you to worry about what others think of you. It’s sad that so much hate is associated with God. ******, the Inquisition they killed millions in the name of God. This is the same corruption of his message of love. … I hope this helps and if you need to talk just write back 🙂 answered 2 days ago by vg2012


I will try to address two of your concerns:

Please google “Am I Going to **** for Being Gay?” for more detail explanation. The answer is NO.

Also, you said you hate to be gay, but you don’t know how to change it. Suicide or self-harm won’t help you solve this problem you are facing.

The American Psychological Association states that “Homosexuality is not a mental disorder”. There are many ways to cope with this problem and to change it through force of will alone may be only one of them. You still have control on many other aspects, which may help you better cope with this problem. There is HOPE and you can find it as long as you are alive and don’t give up!

“He loves me and I love him too but we can never be in a relationship; he’s not gay”, so this is a relationship problem, and I don’t think you have to connect it with sexuality. Look at it from a new angle; it may be not as complicated as you thought. And you may have known many solutions to this problem already.

You said that you are “very religious”, but you keep using the word hate. Maybe you should step back, and really challenge your attitude toward yourself and this world. Maybe all your problems will be solved gradually when you begin to embrace LOVE instead of hate …

Please never give up believing and living!!!!

God loves you!!! answered Jun 23 by hope



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