To “i dont know what to do anymore.. help me?”:


PLEASE DON’T DO IT! Stay as far away from your dad’s gun as possible! It is not worth it and I think deep down you realize it… Things could be worse – you could fail and cause permanent damage. The bullet can ricochet off of something and injure someone else in the house … please, please don’t do it. Ignore those other dumb kids! Don’t give them the satisfaction. Next time they tell you to go kill yourself make it clear to them that you have NO INTENTION OF OBEYING THEM!

You do have a friend – me. I am sorry you are being teased. You do not deserve it. People can be so cruel sometimes, but don’t listen to them. I highly doubt that your parents will put you in the “nuthouse”. You have done nothing wrong. I can only imagine the nightmare you must feel at school. But if you tell your parents you can change schools, or maybe even be home schooled. You do need some counseling, and there is nothing wrong with that. It does not mean your crazy, but rather that you are sane and mature enough to realize you need help. You are so young so I can understand how you can think life is hopeless. But it isn’t. You have been very strong and it has been very honorable on your part to suffer in silence. But it seems you have reached your limit, and it is time to ask for help. Your parents obviously love you and it seems you really love them. They will not think less of you for asking for help. You are NOT ALONE. You will feel a lot better if you just tell them your situation.

You are very frustrated and confused, which is why you feel you need to hurt yourself. But you said yourself you don’t like doing it. While I strongly urge you to tell your parents, you can always come here and vent your frustrations. There will always be someone to listen. I’ll be here if you want to talk, and will pretty much be up all night. Please don’t do anything to hurt yourself. Think of your parents, and how much they will miss you. Again, DO NOT GIVE THOSE BULLIES THE SATISFACTION … they are not worth your life. No one and nothing is. Hoping I hear from you soon. answered 5 days ago by vg2012


Hi, my name is ‘Angel Faith’ can I ask you what has happened in the year and a half to make you feel like this, and why do you hate yourself.
If you was a happy and a normal kid at the beginning of 6th grade, can we not go back to that time and work from there.
Forget killing yourself or hurting yourself ,and start to work on rebuilding your happiness, you can do this with a bit of help.
Angel VG2012 has given you some good advice, and as said you are welcome to come on here and say what is troubling you, we are here to try to help.
Please get beck to me and let me know you are OK, and lets see if we can help you, we care about you.

answered 5 days ago by faith



Please tell your parents about everything that has been happening to you. You are NOT supposed to handle this all by yourself!

Please know that there are lots of people around who are willing and ready to help you, all you need to do is to talk to them and tell them how you feel!

Suicide is NOT the solution. There are many ways to stop the bullying and you will soon get back to normal happy life as before!! You cannot see all the other solutions, but people around you (parents, teachers, counselors) will help you and show you. Please don’t give up! Talk with them NOW!

It is heartbroken to know that you were abused by other kids. Please don’t hate yourself. You are not the one causing the problems. Your life is precious and please don’t let others or yourself to harm her, ok?

Let us work together and get your happy life back, ok?

Please talk with your parents now, ok?

I also encourage you to call the helpline at the same time: 1-800-273-8255, 1-800-784-2433

answered 5 days ago by hope



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