To “Life just keeps getting harder”:


Hello my name is ‘Angel Faith’ and I have just read your message. What a wonderful person you are,and how lucky you are to be surrounded by love.

Whatever you do, keep this love you have away from the pressures that life gives us at times.

Are we tested for our strength I wonder, but of cause we are, most of us can cope with a test or two, but you have to be strong to stand test after test.

You and your family must keep trying and one day things will change for the better.

Material things are not what life is about, it’s loving one another and you have that, LOVE.

Don’t give up searching for a job, you will find one. Keep hope in your heart and believe in yourself. Ask your Angels that walk with you, to help when you feel you need it.

Please message me anytime to talk, I am here for you and I care about you…………Faith

answered 4 days ago by faith


I’m sorry you are going through so much. But it seems that you have found actual wealth – your family. And it is great that you are pulling through together. I am sure that as a parent you may feel you are not providing for your kids, but this will make them become better human beings, and not act like entitled brats. Pray and keep fighting.

I would suggest you look into bankruptcy. It seems like you really have no way out. Have you tried for government assistance? With such a large family I am sure you would qualify. Does your ex provide any kind of child support? You may want to go to family court in your state and look into that. Lastly, I would suggest to swallow your pride and ask for financial help. It may be uncomfortable asking but your kids are worth it. There are local churches, nonprofit organizations, food banks and even programs with your local dept of water and power where they charge a low set fee or because you have small kids can only charge a certain amount. It’s different in every community, but it does not hurt to ask. Go online and search for programs in your community. Ask friends and family to help, and let them know your true situation. If you already have experience taking care of kids why don’t you offer to care for the neighborhood kids, and then eventually get a babysitting license. If your 12 year old can find odd jobs, then I think you can hustle and do the same if you don’t find a permanent job. The point is to not give-up and keep trying.

If you are fighting for custody, your financial situation will not help- use that as the motivation to get a job. I know it’s rough out there and because it is a recession no one is hiring. You may want to go to school instead. Check out your local community college you may be entitled to financial aid which helps with the cost of living expenses. Again, it does not hurt to ask. Just stay positive. I will pray for your family, I hope this helped. answered 4 days ago by vg2012


Dear Mother of 5,

You are an Angel. Thanks for being strong, positive, and keep fighting.

It brings strength and hope to this world, and I am sure all your hard work will pay off. Please never give up!!

Have you tried calling 211? They have a huge database of all local resources and will be able to point you to the right direction for some financial help.

God Bless you and your family!! answered 4 days ago by hope


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