To “Is there a fool proof plan I can use to reconstruct my self image?”


I can tell you what worked for me. Jesus did. I stopped trying to fight life’s battles in my own strength. If you let Him in He’ll change your perception of yourself and your situations. I’m not saying life will be perfect but you will gain His peace which passes all understanding. When you put your faith in Him and not man I promise you won’t regret it. He will comfort you and bring people into your life that will truly love you. He already started, I love you and have never met you. That’s because of God. My life isn’t all rainbows but I have peace in all my trials because I know in my heart God will fix it. Trust me I was at my edge too. God can make a difference in you and your life. What was meant for your harm He’ll turn around for your good. Give Him a chance and trust Him. If you need to talk message me, I’m here for you. Jesus loves you and so do I. answered 5 days ago by blessedpeace


“And when thinking about jobs and careers, what’s the point? You work to make money, you give up that money, for things that’ll make you happy but really don’t and the cycle continues again.”

The point is to create value. And we are all connected … sharing values each other created …

You have the talent for education. Do go back to school!! It is ten times harder to prove your talent without a diploma … You have to be back on track first!

You are young, and relationship/family/baby can all wait till you have a stable job/career.

With love,


answered 5 days ago by hope


First, let me just say its great you are trying to reconnect with God. But I am concerned for you if you really are pregnant. You say tests keep coming up negative – are these at home tests. Please go to a doctor and confirm you are pregnant. If you really are 4 mos. along you need regular checkups with a doctor.

If you are not pregnant, then try to think that everything happens for a reason. I know children are a blessing but it is so hard to care for a child, go to school and work. You are only 19. How will you support the child and yourself? Where will you live?  How will you pay medical bills? Pay for food, baby clothes, diapers etc. Do you expect your parents who are no longer legally obligated to support or house you to do it? I am not trying to be harsh; I just really want you to think it through first. Make an informed decision to have a baby. I would hate for you to have to go to a shelter or something if your parents did not approve. Take your time. Find the right man first who will love you as you deserve and will be a good father. Though you may be having problems with your dad, every child at some point wants and needs a father. I can tell you that most guys your age are not ready for the commitment or level of maturity a child requires. A baby in your life won’t solve all your problems. It is great that you want to be a good mother and prepare yourself; it speaks volumes of who you are as a person. But, if you cannot deal with your problems now, believe me a baby will only complicate things. You need to love and accept yourself first. Children are exceedingly perceptive and your child will pick up on your depression and mood swings and think this is acceptable behavior. I  sure you do not want your child to suffer as you did.

I am sorry if this is not want you want to hear, but I do care about you and your potentially future baby. I am only trying to have you see how much more difficult your struggle may be. The human brain also is not fully developed til you are in your 20s. What if your mood swings aren’t under control and you lash out your child? You do sound very nice and sweet, but sometimes our emotions get the better of us all, as it seems to be the case with you now. Of course, I may be wrong and you know yourself best and what you can handle. God places obstacles and people in our path so we may learn and grow from it.

If  you do not wish to be treated as a child by your family then start by being more responsible and mature. Look for a job or go back to school, and maybe if you don’t want to move start helping your parents out with money, even if they don’t need it. They will see you are becoming a responsible adult. Try to regain your interest in life, regardless of whether you will be a mother. Just like blessed peace suggested you thank God, also thank your parents. At 19 they are under no obligation to have you in their home. The fact that they are protective of you means they love you very much. Yes, it can be smothering at times but place yourself in your mother’s shoes. If you were a mother, you would not want your child to suffer. Try and remember that your parents are only human, and they don’t have all the answers, but don’t discount their life experience. They have likely been through a lot of similar situations as those you are now facing. They may tell you things you don’t like but they do it because they love you and don’t want you to suffer as they did. Talk to your parents like a calm mature young adult. Tell them how you feel and suggest family therapy so you guys can learn to communicate better with each other in a respectful way.

There is no foolproof plan or any guarantee. You got to be willing to change and commit to it. It is going to be hard. Pray for guidance and strength. I would suggest you write down your fears and the things you don’t like about yourself and why. You should also write down at least 10 things you do like about yourself and why. It helps to have everything on paper. You can see things more clearly and figure out the things you need to change and the things that make you a good kind person. Write down some goals, things you really want to accomplish in this life. Then rank them and give yourself a timeline. Be realistic like you won’t finish college in a year. Take steps to accomplishing these goals. It’s ok if they are baby steps you are in no rush. You can always come here and share. I see you joined the site and if you like you can always send me a message if you want a little more privacy. Be strong and be confident in yourself. Remember God doesn’t send us more than we can handle. Remember the hard times learn from your mistakes and your family’s to become a better person. It is the bad times that help us truly appreciate the good times. Good luck, hope this helped 😉 answered 4 days ago by vg2012




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