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Suicide Prevention

Globally with the occurrence of suicide over one million people die by
suicide each year and a large number are estimated to do actions of
non fatal attempts at suicide each year.

The problems in one’s life that cause this to happen are varied:
marital stress, alcohol/drugs misuse, low self esteem, feelings of
inadequacy, bullying, social problems, questioning existence without
finding answers, non acceptance, want of the afterlife, childhood
trauma, mental illness (e.g. depression, bipolar disorder,
schizophrenia), disability, despair, bad financial situation,
unemployment, poverty, homelessness, discrimination and other
influences. These problems normally are not the end of one’s life
and can be overcome through wisdom, trying and perseverance.

The effect these problems can have that lead to suicidal thought are a
perceived burden one has of his or her life on self and/or on those
around him or her and the perceived negative consequences of
continuing on with this. One’s life exposure when carrying problems
and sensitivity to hurt and sadness can cloud one’s outlook in cases
being overcome by suicidal thought. This wish not to be a burden
inspired by emotions for care, morality, karma and innocence is a
reaction that is not good but leads to a non inclusion of one’s life
in life and thoughts of suicide. One who experiences this condition
must look to one’s goodness of heart deeper so one’s life is
supported by good emotion that positively contributes and that
overcomes and that thrives in the face of negative problems. When
overcome by pressure, dejection, lost will to self include and by
learning phase failures one must be tough in tough times in their life
and never give up the value that you are. Feelings of nothingness and
self rejection because of not liking the person that one is due to
perceived burden leads to acceptance of bullying and suicide. In times
of low self esteem that little bit of true self that carries and
speaks is worth all that one is and is strength that must never be
given up. As is commonly done one must in cases of suicidal thought
realise and recognise one’s own strengths and be aware of and attain
the strengths in society and improve as life carries on. All
successful people in life are always adding to their strengths. This
is realised in the self and with others. It is with strengths that we
attain: a happy and healthy body and mind, successful relationships,
riches, a strong appreciation for the universe and the healing of
one’s hurts.

Some question life from influences that carry with them and find
meanings, meaningless existence and perceived burdens when there is
meaning and acceptance in life. Supports and finding strengths helps
and saves and these are to identify and direct oneself to. Meaningless
outlook can lead to suicide without life meaning protection and
without seeking supports for one’s life problems arisen. Feelings
and images that are not nice occur and are heightened with stress and
contemplating the forces involved in a suicide attempt. Positive
meanings and feelings and constructive engagement with supports in
life overcome this.

There are ways to succeed if in difficult circumstances: support
groups, messaging services, ritual worships, healthy living (e.g.
exercise and dieting), ambition, the finding of happiness for others,
ordering the mind (e.g. determination and goals, enlightenment through
having feelings and decoding feelings, ordering through word one’s
awareness scientifically and finding universals and appreciations in
outlook and perspective). To overcome problems and to try to overcome
problems is loyalty to life. Abrahamic religion views suicide as
offence against the sanctity of life. Suicide is life negative not
positive. Overcoming suicide oneself and providing support to others
from experience if useful and/or seeking help to overcome suicide is
the way to help society heal problems and for society to be able for
succeeding generations and is the holy call of the Heavens and these
are the only honoured paths. This found in study, development and
practice in society. It is wrong to say when one has problems to
consider suicide and go on to the afterlife is better. Suicide leaves
life’s cause and leaves and abandons life’s worth and is worser
for life. To try to get well and recover and to hang on and try for
success through overcoming in heart is life’s cause and adds to the
spirit and to science for the Heavens. It is wrong to say when one has
problems and to consider suicide and to go on to the afterlife is
mercy. Suicide is against the afterlife. Follow the better
contribution of self for the afterlife and follow will to live. One
doesn’t decide to the afterlife the afterlife decides. Suicide is
profanity to the afterlife and is scorned upon.

A life exercise to overcome suicidal thoughts is to say each of these
values of life and repeat in agreement “Yes!”. All the life forms
of creation, yes! Of these the dreams together, yes! Health and
happiness, yes! Shared experience and that that this gives, yes! Love,
meaning and journey, yes! Saving and strength, yes! Protection, yes!
Friendship, yes! Pleasure, yes! Knowledge, yes! Thankfulness, yes!
Skills, games and work, yes! Feelings, yes! Sacredness and reverence,
yes! Overcoming suicidal thought is not only a problem to fix but is
also a strength to gain to help succeed in the normal living of life.
This strength not only for the self but a support for the loved ones
in one’s life also. Life is to live as you are alive. Embrace life
and add to it.

Author: Stephen P. J. Smith


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