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  1. Laboy 2 years ago

    5 more days before Christmas day, I’m a woman 58 years old been through so much for several years now my husband’s daughter whom I adopted when she was small hasn’t spoken to me or reach out to me it’s been the loneliest holidays ever. She reached out to her birth mom a lady that rights were taken away it’s a big swallow for me and her dad. I gave her the best even in rough times I always loved her dearly. My grandkids are so beautiful I missed them so much she won’t even let me see them. Through all this although I have much pain I learned to let go, love her from afar, pray that one day she’ll realize how much I did for her and loved her. In life we have much disappointments but if we keep our head high look towards the heaven one day we’ll be blessed. “Happiness is a choice, pain is inevitable, misery is optional.” This is what keeps me going. Hope everyone has blessings as these holidays come near and a very blessed New Year to come.

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