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 sell my body to survive. I’ve been a ********** since I was 14, but I don’t even want to survive,

my sexuality is eating away at my ability to stay positive, how do i accept myself for who i am?

How do i live in the real world?

im 32 im killing myself with drink and drugs i have lung diesese but cant seem to get any support?

wish i would just not wake up , why cant it be that easy?

Tired tired tired tired tired

I don’t want to be here anymore, what do I do?

Homeless and not seeing the point in trying anymore..


  1. julie 3 years ago

    Hey, do you know God? He loves you and He wants you to know that your past can be forgiven and He will forget it, and you have to forgive yourself too.

  2. julie 3 years ago

    Also, what happened? Why did you have to do that to survive?

  3. Baluyot 3 years ago

    Hi. Be happy that you are alive. I know what your going through is not easy. But have faith, pray and stay positive. Nobody is perfect in this world. Everyday is a new hope. And I know deep Inside you are a good person.

    Try to search for sites who can help you with your lung desease. Explore the internet and ask around. Call Natinoal Suicide prevention lifeline.

    God is good.

  4. Lim 1 year ago

    You have reasons for doing so. Who are we to judge you? We also made mistakes in the past. You need to forgive yourself. You cannot change the past but you have power to change today and tomorrow. You have to decide…now. What will be the best for you …drugs and drinking is not the answer for your problems. It will only cause troubles. Nobody can help you if you are not going to decide today to help yourself and do what’s best for you. I believe you can change for the better you!😘😘😘

  5. Gallelli 1 year ago

    Hi Love,
    Thank you for reaching out. There is no way I can put myself in your shoes. To feel all those feelings and give you back something meaningful is enormous, but I’ll try with my heart. Just know that we hear your call.
    I have been to some low places and for me when I get tired, wacked out, and down…its so hard to think clearly. I feel you on that.

    If you can make the choice to eat healthy foods, some salads, soups, smoothies for a few days…and sleep. Perhaps you can have a chance to just breath. The human body is amazing at recovery but it needs fuel.

    I don’t know the grip of the drugs you mention but my brother has. For the moment…if you want to get off the crazy wheel of life maybe try to avoid anyone who might offer you or those difficult situations…to break the addiction…that something that takes time and will arrive when you chose it.

    Look within what is happening now. Find the one you’ve seen many times. It is one who is in touch with the Divine. Speak to her. There is hope and there is a chance to journey on a different path. In the smallest way if you can turn your thoughts toward the whatever you believe in…God, Nature, the life etc. and make a little prayer…mother earth will answer. Step by step you can shift. Believe in life and it believes in you.

    The sacredness of you will never and can never be corrupted. Our bodies are vehicles in this lifetime…you happen to be taking yours down a one kind of path but theres no reason that cant change. Its going to change but supporting it with wholesome energy and positive intention will allow you to have clarity and see the offers that life sends you.

    Blessings and a huge hug

  6. Byrne 5 months ago

    Hi, I feel for you, but you need a plan of action first and most important dint be hard on yourself you are surviving as best you can and you need to feel proud of yourself for that but you are not happy so first find a homeless shelter for a night try to stay away from a drink and a hit for just a few hours just so your head is clear and talk to the person over the shelter ask for info on training or rehab and write it all down ask them to help you with a plan to change how your life is going the first and most important step is to admit you need and WANT help, then make yourself a nice cup of tea and imagine where you want to be having that cup of tea in a years time. You can do it and im here anytime to talk to. You deserve to be happy enjoy your cuppa and feck the drink 🙏

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