Sylvie Perwal
“I am a person who supported an family member who struggled in this way,. We developed a code word when the member needed immediate help or was overwhelmed. I also asked the member to promise not to do anything self harming until it was talked about with me. These two strategies really helped both of us.”

Teresa Johnson
“Most people that are attempting to commit suicide don’t really want to die. They just want someone to listen to them and be there for them. And to understand, not necessarily fix things just be there for them. So be there for someone in need. Don’t judge what they are saying just be there.”

“Suicide rips into the whole family and you never truly get over it. You spend the rest of your days battling with the biggest question, ‘why?’
The one person who can answer that isn’t around to tell you! I’ve suffered from this first hand and 8 years I’m still am dealing with the repercussions of losing my husband to a mental illness. This illness won in the end as there was no real understanding of suicide and depression. Yes time had moved on and it’s no longer the taboo subject it was but it is still happening at a rate of knots and trust me that life will never be the same again after losing someone to suicide. More funds needs to be put into this area so that anyone struggling knows there is someone out there who can help them! Listen for that cry for help… look out for the signs of someone retreating into themselves and only existing. Life is so precious and needs protecting.”

Kirsty Bonner
“The most important thing is to have a Plan B (prevention/diversion) to your Plan A (attempt). If you are prone to following the same ideation thoughts in dark moments, set up positive counter-thoughts. Write them down. Keep them somewhere at hand. Make a deal with a friend or loved one to call. Stay safe, stay strong, and don’t ever enact the final solution to temporary problems. The feeling WILL pass. ”

okeme winner
“1. learn to love yourself
2. learning to help reach out to people we know are in distress
3. show love
4. give them a reason to live again
5. be there”

Cathryn Brooks-Williams
“I remember the period when I went from happy to depressed to suicidal in a short amount of time. Turns out the medications I was taking for hypertension were the culprits. So I beg everyone to please check out their medications if they feel suicidal. I was lucky. Once the doctors took me off all medications, I was able to get back to myself. Then my doctor and I started exploring which medication I had that severe of a reaction to.”


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