• posted a question “Losing Hope in this aweful situation” at Angels Online Help Desk 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    I am writing to you because of me looking for resources in this state and nothing is being done about the situation or my situation to make things better. I am in need of assistance in finding a home, vehicle that is in better shape, getting custody of my granddaughter that is in a bad situation, she is ten years old and I had custody of her when she was a baby, mother got custody of her again, and yet again the mother and father (my son) are back into doing drugs and living a life of crime. I was in a car accident on June 10th 2019 that destroyed my life with losing my job, totaling out my car, and my residency. I’ve reached out to everyone and organizations and including Minnesota Legal Aid and no one is helping me get custody of my granddaughter or helping me get back on my feet. Please someone help me or talk to me! I feel like I am losing myself mentally and emotionally.


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