• All you need to do is send a nice card with a written note saying little more than:
    "I will always here when you want my help"

    If he wants that help he’ll be in touch.

    Some relationships can be like that car you love so much.
    It looks gorgeous.
    It attracts a lot of attention.
    When it goes, it’s amazing.

    But you never get to your destination without spending hours waiting for a recovery truck and yet another garage bill.

    If you don’t have the funds to keep repairing it you may have to park it in the orchard until such time as it becomes worth the investment.

    Nobody likes to have to give up on something they have feelings for but if that thing or person doesn’t respond you have no choice but wait until the time is right.

    The more you try to make it work the more you will keep damaging it.

    If you have the funds then invest.

    If you don’t, or the repairs never work out…. Well, the orchard is as good a place as any.


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