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    What’s important in life? Why is my fiance so confused about God and what he wants (my partner) in his life etc; his mom just wants me to obey him at all costs, my neighbor tells me that the Bible isn’t true like idk and then he also tells me that my fiance loves me but he’s may or may not be doing drugs that he’s  lying to me about (I have reason to be suspicious), even though my neighbor told me he saw him, but my neighbor doesn’t want me to tell my fiance that I know and that it doesn’t matter. I know my partner loves me but this world is a foxhole and nothing is making sense. I love my fiance with all of my heart and soul but am I to leave? I mean if nothing matters but me just being submissive to my partner even though religion is false, what should I keep fighting for? Seriously enough to make me wanna jump. Literally.


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