• posted a question “Can someone please help financially ASAP!” at Angels Online Help Desk 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    Please help. Unexpected hospital 10 day hospital stay with 2 surgeries, and home nurse when able to go home. I was sick before my hospitals stay. Not knowing how serious my illness was I was only working part days when I could force myself to stay. Every step was a forced to step, to get the next foot in front of the other.
    Still not able to return to work and released by doctor’s orders, I’m really stressed out about Christmas and bills, that I thought I could just magically pay. I’ve never been able to not provide for myself and my children, and pick up an extra side job for when extra money was needed.
    I know it’s short notice and I’m asking for a lot. I didn’t know i was going to be in this position in the beginning of November and did not put my name or request for funds or donations anywhere. So everyone funds have already been spent, and in a line of families in need for over a month calmed.
    Please help and please pray. Walking proof of the power of prayer it’s right here asking for ANOTHER power of prayer.


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