• posted a question “In need of basically a life coach or advisor.” at Angels Online Help Desk 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Not sure where to even start. I need a counselor , life coach , financial aid or even financial guidance. I lost my family, my wife, my best,  friend my soul mate. i’ve  lost my 4 children. I lost  lost material pieces of my life as well due to my substance abuse.. I left rehab last november. I’ve started to reconnect with my ex and also my children. I’m struggling to make ends meet I’m desperate to to get up  this mountain of debt.  i’m behind on everything from bills to auto maintenance I  can’t keep up , all my strength goes into hitting my pillow sober, i have a full time job but struggle to manage my pay. I want to catch up so i can afford a professional counselor so i can learn to forgive myself and learn coping skills so i can put that part of my life further out of reach..  I can’t afford to go backwards . Please if anyone can help point me in a direction that leads to finical stability and mental health counseling. I need both to better assit a single mom that looks to me for help and i have nothing . I missed the class on how to be an adult and i’m desperately trying to find a teacher. I work hard and am dependable, But the further i fall behind i feel those begin to slip as well. I want my kids and ex to see that i’m gaining ground not losing it. Sober isn’t enough i need help with my choices so that i what little i have is taken care of in order of importance. thank you for taking the time to read this. I’m happy to have at least tried and am greatfull for any and all advice


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