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    I’ve this gentleman in my home since he was very cold and I can say that he was hungry. And I invited him over into my home knowing he is not a danger to me. And he was fed and when I asked him where he is from. That’s when the conversation got started to explain that he is from Tampa in FL being stuck on Daytona Beach in FL. However the weather was cold and I hate seeing people being cold as he was at the GreyHound Bus station in Daytona Beach right next to the gas station of WaWa when I was in there for some free coffee. However, I am not able to help him to get him back home to Tampa because I’m living on a disability check once a month since I’m hard of hearing. So that is why my income is not able to help him with the bus ticket or to have me to drive there and back as gas is money and my funds is very low as all my bills are paid for. I hope I can find some source of where I can be able to have someone to reach out to help him to getting a bus back home to his family and to be out of the cold weather that we are having in Daytona Beach in Florida. God blessed!


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