• Hi there anonymous, I have been a counsellor now for over twenty years.  Let me begin by saying how you feel right now is felt by many people nowadays.  The world we live in can appear difficult and hard.  Everybody seems preoccupied with their own lives trying to do their best and somehow get ahead of the average Joe way of living.  Keeping up with the Jones’s way of life seems to exist in more and more people.  Along the path in life, sometimes people can forget what really makes them happy and why they are trying so hard to brake away from the pack in the first place. Parent are not amune to this and can fall into grind.  They work hard to provide the best for their family or what they perceive as being best.  Fancier houses, fancier cars, fancier stuff, designer clothing……..and the list goes on.  They get trapped in this rat race and end up devoting all or most of their time trying to achieve those goals.  After a while it becomes their way of life. The children that they love so much and that they would do anything for, become lost to them along the way of life.   Sometimes I would like to grab these parents by the pants and give them an atomic wedgy so to speak.  Make them realize that they got it all wrong.  These children that they had, only want their love,  time and affection. That is what is really important to them.  People need to simplify their lives and get back to the real family closeness and ties.   God does not want people to live like that at all.  People should be happy and at peace and not worry so much about material stuff. It is not like the kid with the most toys in the world wins in the end.  Of all the things one can bring with them in their final moments of life is nothing materialistic but love.  It is often said that people who have seen their life flash before their eyes can only see the good and love they have had and experienced.  They don’t see their fancy stuff.  The bible talks about all of this and is like a road map for the way of life.  All answers are in there.  We need to put God first in our lives and live in the faith. Talk to God and ask him to somehow get through to you and your family of what is important and what is not.  The Holy Spirit has a way to enlighten those who ask.  Talk to your parents, tell them you love them and understand the hardships they are going through to provide what they view as being the best for their family.  Tell them you don’t need all that material stuff. All it does is make people stressed out and prevents them from enjoying each other.  Bless you my young friend.  I will pray for you and hope that all works out for you and your family. Papasmurf A.K.A. Rick B.


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