• Tricia, I have been a counsellor helping people for over twenty year now. I have recently retired and decided to volunteer on this site in hopes to help others in their time of need.  I am sorry you feel the way you do at present but hang in there there is hope for you.  You sound like you are more than just depressed.  From what you wrote I would suggest you see a doctor as soon as possible.  I feel you may be experiencing  what is called clinical depression.   In some cases,  the brain can produce chemicals which is then passed through the body when it feels that it is in danger. These chemicals (adrenalin and more)  gives the human body extra strength to handle the situation  they are in.  This is called the fight or flight response mechanism.  People have been known to lift things way beyond their normal capacity to get them out certain predicaments or make it possible to run much faster to get to safety.  This is normal, once these chemicals have been used up in such fashion the muscles in the body feel weak and tired. The body has to rest to regain its strength. Muscles are able to expend these chemicals much easier than the other ways I will try to identify.  Somewhere down the line for a variety of problems, the body can fall into a depressed state.  These same chemical are pumped into the body and cannot be turned off.  The body tries to get rid of these chemicals the only way it can.  Through the blood steam and digestive tract. People who suffer with depression often feel that their lives have fallen into the abyss and there is no way out. This only serves to create more chemicals and the circle continues.  After a while those that this happens to experience things like their troath is closing off, have difficulties breathing, get heart palpitations, anxiety attacks, stomach pains and diareah.  They have dizzy spells, episodes of estrangement and difficulties thinking at times.  People at this stage often give up hope to ever getting well and some will think about giving up all together.  Many people not properly diagnosed in time may attempt just that.  Please I pray that you absorb all of which I said and talk to a doctor about this.  There is hope for you. The world is a much better place with you in it.  There is a lot of effective medication on the market today that doctors have at their disposal.  After being on the proper medication for a while I am sure you will see the world in a whole new light.  You will start to see light at the end of the long dark tunnel.  Also, don’t be afraid to talk to our creator. He made mankind in his image and knows the human body well. Nobody knows the human body better.  He is the best doctor and the best of everything in fact. He loves you very much and has it within his powers to make you well.  All you have to do is ask him. Jesus said that whatever is asked for in his name will be given. Tell God you need and want his help.  God bless you my young friend and life is worth living. Once you have dealt with your depression you will see. Papasmurf, A.K.A. Rick B.


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