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    Terri God bless you and your husband. I am so sorry for what has happened to you and how much that car accident has affected your quality of life.  This accident and the continued deterioration which is happening in your vertebraes is in no doubt the cause for all which is causing you these hardships.  Surely, you must have contacted your insurance company and obtained the assistance of an attorney who specializes in automotive injuries.  Cases such as these have settled in and out of court for up to and more than  a million dollars.   Insurance companies know that and some use tactics such as stretching the case out as long as they can without settling. The longer the injured is left to hardships such as trying to live, pay bills and meet their other financial responsibilities, the less they are likely to accept.  Your attorney should be aware of that plus every other tactics the adjusters use to protect their bottom line. In the real life people suffer and they should not be forced to worry about things like buying food, keeping a roof over their heads and paying a service provider for assistance.  Your lawyer knows you have a case, a good one. The experienced lawyer may be in a position to advance you funds based on the perceived outcome of the case. If he or she or the firm is unable or unwilling to do this for you then they should be able to refer you to a firm that specializes in such loans.   I hope that this information is helpful to you and that all works out well for you. Take care and I will pray for your speedy recovery. Your friend, papasmurff, A.K.A. Rick B.


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