• Dear anonymous, God bless you my young friend. Please accept my heart felt sympathy for your recent loss.  Your grandmother is at peace now most likely looking down on you from heaven.  She would not want you to feel bad for her since she is no longer in pain and is with the others that have gone on ahead of her to be with our creator.  Depression is a horrible disease. I have been a counsellor for over twenty years before retirement.  God as always been good to me so I decided to join this site to try to help others as best as I can.  Please don’t be upset with your mom. She loves you very much and all she wants to do is protect you the best way she can.  Regardless if she did or didn’t contact your school be aware that this was done out of love. There is no early love stronger than that of a mother wanting to protect their offsprings. You will see that not only in humans but in the animal kingdom as well. It is an instinct we have in the blood.  People at your school are just being empathic towards what you are going through for your recent loss.  We are human and people care for those who are in pain. That is not a bad thing. Everyone of us have experienced a time in our life that we could use the support of others. You are lucky that these teachers and friends are good hearted enough and care enough to accept that you are in pain and show you extra support.  This again is all normal and you should feel happy that they are only treating you as one should treat any normal person in such a situation.  Accept their little extra compassion. They are not seeing you as weak, they are seeing you as someone they care about and love very much. Don’t worry, it will all pass soon enough, accept it for what it is and don’t let it depress you any further.  God is there and is a very good listener. Don’t be affraid to ask him into your life, love you, comfort you and guide you in the proper path in life. Take care my young friend, papasmurff A.K.A. Rick B.


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